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This A Level qualification is a must for all bookworms. If you are an avid book reader and find it difficult to switch the light off at the end of a chapter, then look no further, particularly if you need a suitable qualification to progress to University. You can be assured of an excellent learning experience and a transferrable qualification to add to your CV.

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About This Course

From exploring the classical prose of Shakespeare and his comedies, to analysing the works of Oscar Wilde, William Sieghart, T.S. Eliot, Mary Shelley and Emily Bronte; our A Level in English Literature can teach you how to successfully interpret these popular pieces of work and create convincing arguments about why they were written the way they were.

Whether your interest stems from a love of reading or you hope to become a librarian or a teacher; the skills you’ll acquire on this A Level can form the perfect foundation for developing your written and analytical skills. In fact, our distance learning course is perfect for anyone who has got a passion for writing, as beyond analysing the environment/issues that may have influenced their style; it will also help to improve your own writing abilities.

This course has been updated to meet the latest academic specifications and content, meaning whilst it may be a home based study, you will receive the exact same course materials, coursework and examinations as you would if you’d gone to college.

The only difference is, you will be in complete control of how, when and where you study. You can easily mould our course to fit around your existing work commitments, whilst also benefiting from the flexibility of being able to choose when you take your exams.

In other words, as long as you complete this course within 2 years of your enrolment, you can study as fast or as slow as you want. The pace you set is up to you.

Course Benefits

Tailored for home use, by the end of this course you will walk away with the exact same skills, literary knowledge and understanding as your college equivalents.

Every component of this A Level course is designed to broaden your mind; test your interpretative skills and engage your creative processes.

By doing so you will acquire the analytical skills and know-how to apply this ‘think outside of the box’ attitude onto other facets of your life, as well as to your practical work and studies.
This course will:

  • Earn you up to 56 UCAS points that can be used within your university applications.
  • Allow you to study on your own terms and at a pace of your choosing.
  • Allow you to pick when you take your exams, ensuring you’re always ready and prepared.
  • Challenge your literary skills by opening your mind and testing your ability to seek hidden meaning within prose and poetry.

Course Units

Component 1: Drama

  •  Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
  • The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
  • Shakespeare: A Critical Anthology- Comedy by William Shakespeare

Component 2: Prose

  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  • The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Component 3: Poetry

  • T.S. Eliot, Selected Poems (Faber, 2009)
  • William Sieghart, ed., Poems of the Decade: An Anthology of the Forward Books of Poetry 2002-2011 (Faber and Faber, 2015)

Coursework Component:

  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
  • The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter


To achieve this qualification, you will be assessed across all 4 components using 3 paper based written examinations and 1 piece of coursework.

Through these examinations and pieces of coursework; you will be tasked with showcasing your knowledge of the drama, prose and poetry taught on this course, as well as proving your interpretative skills when structuring answers.

Coursework – A 2,500 word Comparative study of two texts: Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and bibliography.

Paper 1: Drama – This 2 hour 15 minute written examination carries 30% of the weight of your A Level grade and is comprised of 2 essay questions.

Paper 2: Prose – This 1 hour written examination carries 20% of the weight of your A Level grade and focuses on testing your knowledge of component 2 within one comparative essay question.

Paper 3: Poetry – This 2 hour 15 minute written examination carries 30% of the weight of your A Level grade and aims to test your knowledge of component 3 using two questions.

Please note: should you choose to study this A Level you will need to sit your exams within one of our recommended examination centres. This is due to administrative arrangements that need to be made for the submission of your coursework.

Similarly, you will need to take the standard A Level examinations in order to fully complete this course. As all A-Level courses are linear, you will need to take all of your exams and submit the coursework within the same year. These exams are held once a year in May/June; however the exact dates can be found on the Edexcel website.

You will need to book these examinations yourself using our approved list of A Level test centres. These examinations will come with a cost that is separate from the course fee.

Required Knowledge

There is no requirement to have past qualifications or knowledge of the area to enrol on this course.

You will also need to borrow/purchase all of the titles listed within the ‘Modules’ section, as they are essential to your studies.

Awarding Body

Upon completion of this course you will receive an A Level in English Literature issued by Edexcel.


Your final result on the A Level will be converted to UCAS points. You can achieve up to 56 UCAS points per A Level, which can be combined for university applications. We highly recommend participating in the tutor-marked assessments in order to receive an accurate predicted grade for your UCAS application.


From the moment you enrol onto this A Level Literature course, you will have 2 years to complete your studies. To support and mentor you during this period, you will receive your very own personal tutor who will always be on hand to lend you advice, guidance and instruction.

In addition, you can readily access the help of our student support team who at a click of a button can happily answer your queries.

Alongside the continuous support of our tutors, you’ll also receive a comprehensive study guide, course materials and a course pack containing self-assessment exercises and tutor marked questions which can help to track your progression as your skills develop.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question that our team are often asked, there are many reasons but here are the main reasons to choose Association of Learning:

  • No hidden charges, the price you see includes everything, from VAT, tutoring to certification
  • Our average tutor marking time is 3 working days (most providers are 10+)
  • We are rated 5/5 for our service on Trustpilot!
  • Our courses are up to date. Many providers create course content and fail to keep it up to date.
  • We are open later than any other home learning provider
  • As many submissions as you need to complete, many providers cap how many times you can submit work
  • All courses are fully endorsed by external awarding organisations
  • 14 day money back guarantee or course switch.

If you need any more reasons to choose Association of Learning, contact our team!

All students are provided with 12 months to complete their course, however you are able to complete at a faster pace without any additional costs. Some of our students have managed to complete in as little as 3 months!

There are two payment options, pay in full for your course or monthly. Our monthly payment option allows you to spread the cost of your course over a 10 month period.

If you choose to pay using a payment plan, to apply you must be able to answer yes to the following:

  • Your billing address is based in the UK
  • You have a UK based bank account
  • Bill payer must be 18 or above.

No, all of our courses are distance learning which means your tutor will mark your work and send it back to you via email or by using our online portal.

Unlike other providers, Association of Learning use a fast-track system to get your certificate to you within six weeks (our average is two weeks).

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