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Embark on an exciting journey of discovery with our A Level Environmental Science course! Gain a comprehensive understanding of environmental science in context, with a focus on energy resources, sustainability, and innovative conservation technologies. Our program also includes a section on research methods, providing you with the skills needed for real world environmental research.  Join us for a high-quality qualification and an exceptional learning experience that will prepare you for a meaningful career in environmental science.

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About This Course

Looking for a comprehensive and engaging course in Environmental Science that you can complete from the comfort of your own home? This online course covers all aspects of the living and physical environment, from conditions for life on Earth to conservation of biodiversity. You’ll learn about energy resources, including their impact on society and sustainability, as well as strategies for securing future energy supplies and implementing new energy conservation technologies. To prepare you for real-world environmental research, we also offer a section on research methods, including scientific methodologies, sampling techniques, specialist techniques, fieldwork, and laboratory activities.

Throughout this course, you’ll have opportunities for skills development and independent thinking, as well as access to standard environmental techniques. With our A Level Environmental Science program, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the living and physical environment, as well as the skills and knowledge you need to make an impact in the field of environmental science.

Course Benefits

Split into 7 sections, A Level Environmental Science is a carefully designed course, laid out to ensure learners receive the most comprehensive knowledge possible in order to be prepared for their exams. Students who complete our A Level Environmental Science can go on to study environmental science, microbiology, ecology, geography, conservation, law, biology and chemistry at degree level. This course is also excellent as a standalone qualification that can help achieve employment in a number of science-related fields.

With this course you will:

  • Gain up to 56 UCAS points which can be used to secure your dream university spot.
  • Be encouraged to challenge your mind, and expand your knowledge in the field of environmental science.
  • Be able to study on your own terms, in your own time, and from the comfort of your own home.

Course Units

Unit 1: The Living Environment

  • Conditions for Life on Earth
  • Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Life Processes in the Biosphere and Conservation Planning
  • Opportunities for Skills Development and Independent Thinking

Unit 2: The Physical Environment

  • The Hydrosphere
  • Mineral Resources
  • Biogeochemical Cycles

Unit 3: Energy Resources

  • The Importance of Energy Supplies in the Development of Society
  • The Impact of the Features of Energy Resources
  • The Sustainability of Current Energy Resource Exploitation
  • Strategies to Secure Future Energy Supplies
  • New Energy Conservation Technologies

Unit 4: Pollution

  • The Properties of Pollutants
  • Strategies to Control Pollutants
  • Ionising Radiation
  • Noise
  • Solid Wastes
  • Heavy Metals
  • Acid Mine Drainage
  • Nutrient Pollution
  • Pesticides

Unit 5: Biological Resources

  • Agriculture
  • Agroecosystems
  • Sustainability of Agriculture
  • Aquatic Food Production Systems
  • Forest Resources

Unit 6: Sustainability

  • Dynamic Equilibria
  • Energy
  • Material Cycles
  • The Circular Economy

Unit 7: Research Methods

  • Scientific Methodologies
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Specialist Techniques
  • Fieldwork and Laboratory Activities
  • Standard Environmental Techniques


Throughout the course, you will be tasked with self-assessment exercises, mock exams, and tutor-marked study questions. These are designed to test your understanding and make sure you’re comfortable with the material. 

To achieve this full qualification you will need to take 2 external written examinations which will thoroughly test your knowledge of the course syllabus and your understanding of environmental science and its various theories. Dates and structure for these exams are available on the AQA website, and you will need to book onto these yourself. These exams also come with a fee separate from the cost of this course.

Required Knowledge

There are no entry requirements for this course. All we encourage is an interest in environmental science!

Awarding Body

Upon completion of this A Level course you will receive an A Level in Environmental Science issued by the AQA.


We understand that embarking on a new educational journey can feel daunting. But don’t worry, we are committed to providing you with all the support you need to succeed.

Our comprehensive study guides and course materials are designed to make learning as engaging and accessible as possible. Plus, our team of personal tutors and support staff are always on hand to offer valuable advice, guidance and instruction, whenever you need it.

We also know that learning can be a challenging process, which is why we provide a range of self-assessment exercises and tutor-marked study questions. These tools are designed to help you understand and consolidate your learning, and our tutors will work tirelessly to guide and mentor you towards success.

We believe that no student should feel alone in their studies, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the support you need to reach your full potential. So, whether you have a quick question or require more detailed guidance, rest assured that our team is here to help you every step of the way.

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This is a question that our team are often asked, there are many reasons but here are the main reasons to choose Association of Learning:

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