Why you can trust the Association of Learning

Finding the right online learning provider can be tough with so many options available. This article explores who the Association of Learning are, their recognition and student experiences.

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Who are the Association of Learning?

Association Of Learning Team 2024The Team @ Llandudno office (2024)

The Association of Learning is a trusted provider of high-quality education and training. Based in the UK, their qualified team help to provide courses across the nation and around the world.

Working together with top awarding bodies and education platforms, they provide accessible learning opportunities to help learners upskill and achieve their career objectives.

With over 450 courses and a commitment to expanding their offerings, they are the frontrunners in providing flexible, self-paced online learning.

Is the Association of Learning recognised?

Is the Association of Learning recognised?

Yes, Association of Learning courses have been approved and endorsed by leading UK awarding bodies, including:

  • AQA Education: a top academic developer and administer of qualifications.
  • Edexcel Pearson: globally recognised awards and qualifications.
  • NCFE CACHE: widely recognised vocational qualifications in childcare and education.
  • NIOQ: UK accreditor and awarding body of trusted certifications.
  • OCR: a leader in academic and vocational qualifications including GCSEs and A Levels.
  • QLS: certifiers offered through the Skills and Education Group.
  • TQUK: a trusted provider of vocational certificates.

Reasons why you can trust the Association of Learning

Association of Learning team in Llandudno office
Jess @ Llandudno office (2024)

The Association of Learning are registered here with the UK Register of Learning Providers, highly rated by learner reviews and recognised by the UK’s leading awarding bodies.

Additionally, their courses feature on several reputable platforms such as:

What’s the verdict? Reviews and success stories

Association of Learning Reviews & Customer Stories

The Association of Learning have a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on the independent review website, Trustpilot Reviews.

You can also explore their learner success stories such as:

Contacting the Association of Learning

You can contact the team via thee website’s contact page via contact form or telephone.

They can also be followed on Facebook for the latest news and updates.


The Association of Learning is a well-established and trusted organisation, recognised by awarding bodies and platforms alike. Their commitment to high-quality learning makes them a dependable choice.

Learning is a continuous journey, and the team here are committed to support and guide you along the way.

Start your search here.

Contacting The Association Of Learning

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