Counselling Diploma Level 3

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Our online Counselling course will help you learn the important counselling skills required to become a counsellor. If you are interested in helping others and enjoy listening, this is the course for you. Become a self employed counsellor on completion of this course, as you will be able to gain insurance and open your own business.

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About This Course

Our online Counselling endorsed course will help you learn the important counselling skills required to become a counsellor. If you are interested in helping others and enjoy listening, this is the course for you.

Become a self employed counsellor on completion of this course, as you will be able to gain insurance and open your own business!

  • FREE Business Start Up Course worth £95 included.

Studying our counselling course from the comfort of your own home provides you with the skills, principles and ethical qualities required to become a competent and successful counsellor.

In this Counselling course you will:

  • Begin by developing good practice in a counselling setting, whilst learning how to build a relationship between counsellor and client
  • Examine the ethics and moral issues with the counselling process
  • Understand the important of self-development, reflecting on sessions and being self-aware as a counsellor.

Course Benefits

Split into 7 units, every element of this course seeks to expand your understanding of Counselling, so you can achieve the theoretical knowledge you need to apply these skills within real and practical settings.

From understanding the industry to understanding relationships, theoretical approaches, confidentiality, transference, crisis and ego psychology; by the end of this course you’ll feel confident in your ability to work with your clients to improve their situation.

This course will:

  • Help you to develop a strong foundation of knowledge and competency that can be transferred into your work.
  • Enable you to study on your own terms – no classrooms, no strict deadlines and no exams.
  • Allow you to study from home – all course materials will be sent straight to your door, enabling you to fit your studies around your obligations.
  • Challenge your perceptions of Counselling, giving you ample opportunities to demonstrate your competency and comprehension of the course materials.

Course Units

Unit 1: Introduction to Counselling

  • What counselling is and isn’t
  • How counselling differs from other helping skills
  • Core skills involved in counselling
  • Confidentiality issues

Unit 2: Understanding Feelings of Others

  • Exploring the subject of change: its impacts and challenges
  • Consideration of Boundaries and Ethics
  • Setting goals, planning action – and dealing with resistance
  • Ending the counselling skills relationship

Unit 3: Approaches and Models of Helping

  • Counselling approaches
  • The principles of skilled helping
  • The use and effects of questions
  • Challenges to clients’ views

Unit 4: Setting Goals

  • Supervision: its importance in good practice
  • Competence in record-keeping
  • The importance of Continuing Personal Development (CPD) and taking care of YOU
  • Using your counselling skills

Unit 5: Psychodrama Therapy

  • The social atom
  • Moreno’s stages of personality development
  • Roles and Role Playing
  • The auxiliary egos
  • Warm up
  • Post Action

Unit 6: Post Traumatic Stress Counselling

  • Susceptibility to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Symptoms of Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Symptoms of Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children
  • Treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Unit 7: Counselling and the Law

  • The legal implications for counselling
  • The Mental Health Acts
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employers’ Liability Compulsory Insurance Act 1969
  • General Data Protection Regulations
  • The Freedom of Information Act 2000

Counselling Facts

The BACP conducted a survey to understand additional detail relating to the use of counselling services:

  • 28% of the UK population will at some point use counselling services
  • 54% of people say that their family member, friend, work college or themselves have consulted a counsellor
  • Stress levels across the UK are increasing, with 48% of people feeling more stress than they did five years ago
  • Depression and Anxiety are the main causes for the use of counselling services.

*These are the results of the most recent survey conducted in 2014.


This course is assessed using a series of written assignments that are designed to test your knowledge of the course materials. These will need to be sent to your personal tutor for marking, whereupon they will supply you with helpful tips and feedback. No external examinations are required.

Required Knowledge

No prior knowledge or skills in counselling is needed in order to enrol onto this course, making it ideal for those just starting out in this career field.

Awarding Body

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive certification from Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) and a Learner Unit Summary (which details of all the units you have completed).This course has been designed to meet the requirements of specific learners or employers. It is endorsed by Training Qualifications UK, meaning the course has undergone external quality checks to ensure that they are maintained and delivered to an excellent standard.

Training Qualifications UK are a national certificating organisation. Endorsement of our courses ensures learners have access to high quality materials that cover all learning outcomes, helping them to achieve their potential.


From the guidance of our personal tutors whose industry experience within counselling can help to support and mentor your studies, to our comprehensive study guide and course materials; from day one we will go above and beyond to help you succeed in your studies. With twelve months tutor support, you have the option of completing in as little as three months, or using the full twelve months.

You too can take advantage of the extensive knowledge base of our personal tutors and use their experiences to get all of your questions answered. Similarly, our student support team are readily available to lend you their advice and guidance as they help you to decipher your course materials and answer your questions.

Only one click away, you can trust that help will be there when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will be able to practise as a Counsellor and gain insurance to ensure that you are covered when providing your service.

This is a question that our team are often asked, there are many reasons but here are the main reasons to choose Association of Learning:

  • No hidden charges, the price you see includes everything, from VAT, tutoring to certification
  • Our average tutor marking time is 3 working days (most providers are 10+)
  • We are rated 5/5 for our service on Trustpilot!
  • Our courses are up to date. Many providers create course content and fail to keep it up to date.
  • We are open later than any other home learning provider
  • As many submissions as you need to complete, many providers cap how many times you can submit work
  • All courses are fully endorsed Ofqual regulated awarding bodies
  • 14 day money back guarantee or course switch.

If you need any more reasons to choose Association of Learning, contact our team!

All students are provided with 12 months to complete their course, however you are able to complete at a faster pace without any additional costs. Some of our students have managed to complete in as little as 3 months!

There are two payment options, pay in full for your course or monthly. Our monthly payment option allows you to spread the cost of your course over a 10 month period.

If you choose to pay using a payment plan, to apply you must be able to answer yes to the following:

  • Your billing address is based in the UK
  • You have a UK based bank account
  • Bill payer must be 18 or above.

No, this course is assignment based, which means you will not have to complete any exams. If your assignment doesn’t pass first time, you can retry as many times as you need within your 12 months support period.

No, all of our courses are distance learning which means your tutor will mark your work and send it back to you via email or by using our online portal.

Unlike other providers, Association of Learning use a fast-track system to get your certificate to you within six weeks (our average is two weeks).

There are no requirements to have completed any courses or have any knowledge of the subject area to enrol on the course. There is no application process and no questions asked when you sign up, it is accessible to anybody.

Your course will start as soon as you sign-up. You could start your journey of learning today!

This course is an endorsed certification, not a regulated qualification.


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Reviews from people who completed this course...

Counselling Diploma Level 3


Sophie Avenell

Excellent Course!

I enrolled on this Course in January 2021 and have just completed it. It was a fantastic course with great resources. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering a career in this area. My tutor Jessica was amazing and always on hand for help and support. I can’t wait to enrol on another course and learn more in this area.




5 stars

I have just finished this course on counselling and for me it was that I had a year to do it wasn’t really bothered. But I enrolled in January and after submitting my first assignment in mid February and the help and advice from my tutor I have now completed the whole course. After a decade I have studied can’t believe that I completed it. It’s really good for yourself and for helping others.




Amazing experience !

I would definitely recommend this course , amazing team and my tutor was the best , they help me so much , I am so proud of myself , genuine this changed my life .




I have just finished Counselling Diploma 3 course and I would highly recommend it. I knew I would like it, but wasn’t expecting to enjoy it this much.
My tutor Sally was excellent, providing me useful and encouraging feedbacks, which was really helpful.
I am very happy with this course, and planning to do one more.




Great Introduction into Counselling

I started this course as I was bored during Lock down and wanted to keep busy and learn at the same time. What I hadn’t realised was just how much this would help me personally during this challenging time. It certainly helped me cope better and support my family at a difficult time. I managed to complete all 7 modules in 2 months and they certainly get easier as you work through them. The first one was certainly challenging as I hadn’t studied for many years, but once my tutor put me on the right track, I was able to move forward quickly and learnt so much. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend.




Absolutely amazing course!
Tutors are very helpful and make sure you get to where you have to and want to be!
Would definitely recommend to anyone.



I chose this course as it was affordable, but not too cheap either, i believe the qualifications and knowledge this course provides will give me a great start to change career. Really enjoying the course so far, the course materials arrived as advised and presented well in a solid binder. The course material seems very clear with graphics that are clear to see.
I am yet to complete the first assessment but am feeling happy that I will be able to do so.
Any questions I have had have been answered promptly, and clearly.
Very happy with this course.


Candy Da Silva

Feedback (beginner student)

I have just paid for a course I haven’t started yet but I am so happy to see what the future holds for me with this course I can’t wait to start studying and become a qualified counsellor


Mr Marten

Excellent course

Excellent course


Anika Ali

So far so good

So far so good, all information was provided and support is constantly there. Easy to follow. I look forward to completing my course and learning



Phenomenal service

Phenomenal service! Website is simple, user friendly and incredibly informative. Made my decision to purchase my course very easy. Thank you x


Ellie Harrison


Easy sign up & excellent communication & customer service. The course is very well worded & laid out – would 100% recommend 🙂


Kelly Towell



This course has been perfect for me, I was supposed to go to uni in September but just didn’t have the confidence. This has given me the confidence that I can complete the course and go into the job I’d love to do. Tutors are brilliant with marking and feedback and are available if needed for help. Affordable with monthly payments and brilliant resources, highly recommend!


Kacy Booth

Such a good course to do online, and even better when I found out there were no exams!! Successfully completed this course with no hassle


Rebecca Halliday

I was shocked that you didn’t need to have any previous knowledge of counselling so this course was perfect for me. I wanted to start fresh and try something new. I am very glad I did!


Debbie Hallow

I honestly believe that this course has changed my entire opinion about online courses. I have had an amazing time studying counselling and it has been so enjoyable, especially without the fuss of deadlines and exams. Couldn’t be happier with the way this turned out!


Shannen Mcculloch

I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in counselling. This is my first online course and I have been so happy with the assignments and I was even happier when my tutor only took 2 days to mark my feedback.


Tate Prosser

Considering I had no previous knowledge of the topic of counselling, I found this course very useful and easy to follow. The assignments were well instructed, and I managed to complete each one successfully. A few of the questions I got stuck on, however my tutor helped me and guided me through each section. Would recommend this course to others.


Nia Mcknight

Counselling has always interested me however I never got the chance to do it at GCSE or A Level so I decided to go online and test my own limits. I didn’t go to college and this meant that I felt that I had to push myself to do something I always wanted to do, and when I found this course I was over the moon! I was able to do it in my own time and I wasn’t rushed to complete units. There was no exams and no official deadlines which meant I could complete it at ease.


Klara Gardner

Great course for when you have to juggle two children and a part-time job. I am a single mother and I have always wanted to go to University and do a counselling degree, I decided to do this instead as it meant I could do it in my own time. I have enjoyed every aspect of this course and found each unit to be thorough and well presented. The questions were easy to understand, and the tutor gave me instant feedback.


Vickie Daly

Fantastic course packed with lots of information. Loved every minute studying this counselling course, I am happy to say I will be back for more!


Linda Snook


I have competed my basic counselling and almost completed the bereavement course, I am then going on to do the advanced counselling, I have found the course to be excellent! This has really motivated me to do more. The work I have done so far has made me really proud of my self because I never thought I would ever get such good Mark’s. The help I have had from Sarah and the comments have really helped. This is the best thing I have ever done.


Abisoye Oniru



I loved studying on this course! It is so detailed and it is so good and the work ethnic is amazing. The tutor really marks fast and gives you detailed feedback! I already passed 3 units just waiting for unit 4-7 to get marked now. I’ve honestly enjoyed this course so much. I finished it in less than a 12 weeks! Due to me being so motivated to do my work. I am so proud of myself and whoever wants to be a counsellor, this is the best course for it!
Thank you


Roxy Ball

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. Dale and Gemma were so helpful and understanding. I really cannot wait for my study pack to arrive. Would highly recommend


Roxy Ball

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. Dale and Gemma were so helpful and understanding. I really cannot wait for my study pack to arrive. Would highly recommend 🙂


Heather Donnelly

From my initial enquiry to enrolling on the course

From my initial enquiry to enrolling on the course I have received nothing short of exceptional support and assistance. My early queries were answered promptly to assist me in making an informed decision regarding enrolling on the right course for me. The website is easy to access and very user friendly and the course content is interesting and engaging. Where I have had questions I have emailed these over to the support desk and received an email straight back from the student support team which has always answered my query completely in a supportive and encouraging way so I do not feel as if I have just asked an obvious question even though on occasion the answer has been obvious. Submission of work is very straightforward and feedback from the tutors is nurturing and encouraging with development points clear and concise. While I am still in the process of completing this course I am thoroughly enjoying it and would highly recommend this to anyone looking to further develop their skills.


Amanda Bone

Response excellent

Response excellent, course content easy to use. Brilliant to be able to complete at your own pace


Danielle Male

Doing my Counselling course with Association Of Learning is the best decision i have ever made, I have the best tutor marking my work and is there whenever i need help. I will 100% be taking part in other courses 🙂


Danielle Male


Doing my Counselling course with Association Of Learning is the best decision i have ever made, I have the best tutor marking my work and is there whenever i need help. I will 100% be taking part in other courses 🙂


James Basco

Very good course clear and informative

Very good course clear and informative. My tutor was always able to help. Very good customer service .


Sarah Ellerington

Don’t overthink applying, sign up

I’ve successfully qualified level 3 counselling diploma in 11 weeks,
whilst holding a full time job.
My tutor was amazing and helpful and the course had well set out modules, very clear in what was expected.
I’ve now moved on to level 4 which is equally challenging but so rewarding.
Fully recommend signing up


Catherine Fawcett

Replies are very quick and the staff…

Replies are very quick and the staff are very efficient and helpful with whatever you need.



This course was close to my heart as I went to counselling when I was younger and now I understand a lot more about the processes and why counsellors act the way they do, etc. I am happy to say that this has given me a huge insight into how a counsellor works and what they do and I am pleased to be moving onto the next level. 100% id recommend this company.


Veronica Davies

The best thing I loved about this course was that there were no exams. I hated exams in college and I found this course and I was very happy for it to be assignment based only. I would give this course 10 out of 10. Cannot fault it at all.



This is my second course that I have completed with Association of Learning and I have achieved so much over the past two years and I am very thankful for all the help I have received from my tutor and the support team. They have been brilliant, and I couldn’t be happier with the way these courses have turned out.


Chloe Roberts

I enjoyed being able to work at my own speed at my own deadlines, it was a big step up from when I left college to work full-time but now I have decided on a career change and I have always wanted to go down the counselling route but I never thought I would be able to without having to go to uni. Very glad I came across this course!



This course was very interesting and was easy to understand. I received my feedback in under 5 days which helped to keep me motivated and focussed. My experience with this company has been positive and I am glad to say I will be back for more in the future.


Pat Evans

I have just completed this course and thoroughly enjoyed it. The learning material was easy to understand and suggested further reading was useful. I found the assignments particularly useful in helping with learning. The feedback from the tutor was timely and helpful. I would recommend this course. I have already signed up for another 2 courses.

The customer service is fantastic. Every question or issue I had was dealt with very quickly. I’m extremely impressed!



Excellent and well thought out course, which is stimulating and thought provoking.



I wanted to go to University, but I didn’t get the grades so when I found this course I was made up! I didn’t need any qualifications before hand which was a bigger bonus. I found each unit so easy to understand and the materials provided were also useful. My tutor was a huge help when I needed advice, she also responded to my questions in a few days. I’d 100% recommend this course to others



Completed in 6 months, challenged me but did not phase me. Content was very good and my tutor very good, would recommend A+



Proud of my achievement since completing this course, need to thank my tutor and support staff who helped me build my own confidence.



The first part of my life worked around bringing up my 3 kids and really still does (eldest is 15). It left me with very small amount of time to do things I wanted to do and absolutely no time to visit college/university. This course has given me what I wanted, which is independence and the chance to become self employed. I can work around the kids, providing in house counselling services later on in the evening or weekends for some extra pocket money. Once they are old enough I will go full time, but it just helps because I now have options.


Jim Trailer

I did this Level 3 Course above over the duration of one year. All the content was clear from the start, and over the 7 modules I was guided through the process completely. All my emails were answered promptly, and clearly. Even though my tutor changed near the end of the course, it was a seamless transfer. If I do any more Distance Learning it will be with the Association of Learning.



Only just signed up, but received my login details within a couple of hours so not yet able to review the course. The content from skimming through seems very in-depth and helpful.

My experience overall with the company so far has been positive, allowing me to finance the course to make it easier to pay (I am working part time).


Robin Anderson

I have always said I found counselling interesting so I got this course given to me as a gift in order to kickstart my dream career. I have had such a good experience whilst completing this course and my tutor was especially helpful and always marked my work within 2 days – AMAZING! I am so thankful to have had this opportunity and I urge anyone to do it as you will not regret your decision.



Absolutely loved this course, every unit was different and so thorough. The best thing about this company is the tutors, my tutor for this course was so prompt and she gave me such good advice on how to improve so that I could reach my highest potential.


Ryan McDonald

I’ve just successfully completed the diploma in Counselling. The course was both interesting and stimulating. My tutor always provided me useful feedback for each assignment, which was extremely helpful. Her feedback was invaluable in keeping me motivated and getting me through the course. Hopefully, with the skills I’ve acquired, I may now go on to achieve my ambition of becoming a home based counselor!



So easy to understand, well structured making it very easy to follow even the most difficult of sections are broken down and explained perfectly.


Kelly Mercer

Instead of going to uni I decided to take this course directly through Association of Learning, it was interesting, fun and most of all I felt a feeling of success upon completion. I am planning to study further with Association of Learning. I would recommend to everybody.


Jennifer Levi

I have just completed the Counselling Diploma Level 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it. The learning material was easy to understand and suggested reading was really helpful. I found the assignments particularly useful in helping with learning. The feedback from the tutor was timely and detailed, I would definitely recommend this course. I have signed up for another 2 courses.

The customer service is fantastic. Every question or issue I had was dealt with very quickly. I’m extremely impressed.



Great course, had a small issue accessing the course, but it was solved for me within the hour by their enrolment team. Recommended highly from myself, apart from that small blip which they responded to instantly, I am very happy with the course.


Verity Obrien

Officially “the best” course I have ever completed. Cannot praise the staff enough for putting up with me and helping me whenever I got stuck on a question. I’ll definitely be back.


Marie Weller

I recently completed my Counselling Level 3 Diploma. Staff were very helpful and incredibly friendly, and they responded promptly to my questions. The course content was interesting, and it was ideal for independent learning as you can access it from anywhere, I found that I always had time to complete work in my lunch breaks and evenings after work.



Being not first language English worried me lot with the course. Course and tutor were helpful and it made it easy for me to learn. Also improved my English writing and reading skills, now managed to complete and want to thank whole team for their help.



Brilliant course, tutors were very helpful and gave me any advice that I needed. I’d score this course 10/10



I am currently in the process of completing the course and I am loving it. The course is broken down into bite size units making it easy to fit in whilst working full-time. The course material is easy to follow and the tutor responds quickly with useful comments. I would definitely recommend doing a course with Association of Learning and i’m considering doing another course once this one is finished.


Seth J

I have recently studied this course with Association of Learning and I must say the course was laid out clearly and feedback from my tutor was always prompt and constructive. I am about to enrol on another course with them as I found the whole experience incredibly enjoyable.



Having cancelled with another provider to move here, I have to say it was the best move I could have made.


Audrie Beggar

I have just completed my counselling level 3 diploma and I would recommend it to anyone. The course is well structured and the staff are always very helpful.



Enjoying the course, received it within 24hours got started straight away and have no complaints. Looking forward to submitting my assignments



After signup I was sent my login details the same day and started, really enjoying the course and planning on setting up my own business once I complete. It is really helpful that anyone can just setup a business and get insurance after completing this course. Very happy.



New to learning online and found that I can access my course on my mobile, tablet, pc or laptop and also download it to any other device and work offline. Perfect for my train journeys with bad 4g signal and long bus journeys. I enjoy reading, but reading and then writing a response to what you have read is very rewarding and enjoyable.



For my first ever online course, this has gone so well for me. I took a huge risk doing this course considering I had never done any counselling course prior to this, however I managed to complete this without a hassle.



Great course so far. Love the fact I can work at my own pace and haven’t been put under any pressure. When I do need a hand my tutor is available and replies quickly.
The lay out of the course is brilliant, so easy to follow and not difficult to work out at all. Also, so handy that I was able to spread the payments over 12 months, not so much of a hit at once!



Lovely staff and a good qualification to have received.



The content of this course is worth the value of the entire course before you have received tutor support and certification, I cannot for the life of me understand why they do it so cheap or how. They spend hours helping you, if it is not the administration team helping you, your tutor is. It seems too good to be true, but that is far from the truth, it is an amazing service. Most of the assignments I handed in were marked the same day, was not expecting that after being with past providers who take up to two weeks. Feedback was very descriptive and thoughtful and you could tell my tutor had taken notice of what I had written as the feedback I received matched my counselling assignments. I was hand held at points through the course, but I really felt like they wanted me to complete and gave me loads of confidence in myself. I thought this was something I would fail at, but you cant fail, because you get to keep trying until you pass the assignment. One of the best purchases I have ever made, education is more important than I ever realised.



I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in counselling.


Sarah Mount

Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Association of Learning, was able to learn at my own pace and always knew that if I needed any help it was only an email or phone call away, I received very prompt feedback which was constructive at all times.

Would recommend Association of Learning to anyone who wants to further their education.



The Counselling Level 3 course is a very interesting. Although, I am enjoying the course, I am finding it a little difficult but my tutor support has been fantastic, anything I am stuck on my tutor Diane is brilliant at explaining and replies very quick to emails. Would definitely recommend this course.



Would recommend, brilliant course, excellent support



After a long few years in education I decided to change my mind and complete an online course where there was no decision I ever made. I didn’t have any previous knowledge of this course which i thought may have struck me back, however I managed to complete all assignments, and i wouldn’t have done it without my tutor. I’d definitely recommend this course to others!



Thoroughly enjoyed completing this course, just waiting on my certificates. Would highly recommend Association of Learning, from start to finish the service has been professional and spot on.



Easy to use only system with questions that made sense and an explanation on how to answer. Tutor was very nice and got back to me very quickly with feedback for my assignments and answered anything I asked fast. Would definitely recommend association of learning.



Counselling is a passion of mine, but I have never been able to listen to others and provide support/advice. After completion of this course I have been able to setup my own Counselling services and gain insurance and enjoy listening to others and do feel that I am helping them. The life coaching course with this course was helpful to also complete because you can offer extra services to your customers which they often take up your offer on.



Detailed course with fun assignments and a great tutor to match. Helped me change my career because I was working full time and stuck with not being able to visit college. Highly recommend

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