Best A-Level Subjects for Each University Degree

Picking the perfect combination of A-level subjects is crucial for getting your dream university degree in the UK. Choosing the right courses that align with your chosen field of study is like adding rocket fuel to your chances of acceptance. Today, we’ll explore the most sought-after university degrees in the UK and the A-Level choices that will secure your place in them.


Calling all aspiring doctors! If you’re dreaming of a career in the medical field, there are two A-level subjects you can’t afford to overlook: biology and chemistry. These two powerhouse courses are the foundation of your journey to becoming a medical professional. Acting as building blocks that lay the groundwork for all the skills you’ll learn in a medical degree. Many universities also look for students with physics and mathematics A-levels, as they can help students understand the intricate workings of complex medical theories and research methodologies.


Graduating with a degree in engineering can open doors for a huge range of careers. But before you get carried away, you need to meet the prerequisites for universities. Typically, A-Levels in mathematics and physics are required. These subjects lay the groundwork for engineering, where you’ll get to apply scientific principles to real-life problems. So, if you have a passion for numbers and a curiosity about how things work, studying these courses is an excellent place to start. Additionally, chemistry A-Level is a popular accompaniment and a requirement for some universities to study engineering.

Computer Science

If you’re looking to join the ever-expanding tech sphere, look no further than A-Levels in Mathematics and Computer Science. Adding these to your arsenal is a surefire way to show universities you have a strong interest in Comp-Sci. They’ll help you master programming languages and algorithms, as well as boost your logical and analytical skills.


A-Levels in English Literature, Law, History, or Politics are good choices for those interested in pursuing a law degree. A strong foundation in these areas will serve you well as a law student (and eventual lawyer!) by improving your analytical reasoning, communication, and critical thinking abilities.

Business and Economics

If you’re a student with dreams of making waves in the world of business or economics, there’s a trio of A-Levels that could give you a serious advantage. Mathematics, economics and business studies A-Levels are a combination sure to give you your pick of business or economics degrees throughout the UK. These subjects will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of economic principles, financial concepts, and analytical skills.


Gunning for a psychology degree? You might need to have A-levels in psychology, biology, or sociology. These subjects will provide you with a solid foundation for your future studies and help you delve deeper into the world of psychology.

Languages and Literature

Maybe you’re more of the literary type or a translator? If you’re considering a degree in the language arts, A-Level English Literature, Language, History, and specific A-Level language courses like Spanish, French, or German are a great way to get into the degree. Universities like to see that you’ve gone out of your way to explore your goal degree, so for some students, choosing more than one A-Level language is a plus.

Natural Sciences

If you have a passion for the natural world, studying biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics is a winning combination. Armed with these, you’ll be able to access many natural science university courses. This diverse mix of A-Levels lends itself to your understanding of transdisciplinary concepts and scientific principles.


For prospective architects, A-Levels in mathematics, physics, art or design and technology are advantageous. You’ll develop technical skills, creative thinking, and spatial awareness, all of which will help you when it comes to developing and designing city skylines!

Sociology and Social Sciences

If you’re passionate about understanding society and human behaviour, then degrees in sociology or other social sciences might be just your cup of tea! A-Levels in subjects like sociology, psychology, history, economics, or even politics can give you a fantastic head start. The majority of UK universities will look out for these in your applications.

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