Human Resources Level 3

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Perfect for anyone who hopes to build a career in the field of Human Resources, this Level 3 Certification is a great way to gain the skills you need to excel, and to make sure those skills are recognised by potential employers. This course takes approximately 120 hours to complete.

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About This Course

Our Human Resources Level 3 course is ideal for those considering a career move into HR. This flexible course enables you to study from home whilst gaining the skills needed for a new career in Human Resources.

This course will equip you to join the exciting and fast growing Human Resources industry. You will gain a greater understanding of the basics of HR management and discover the principles and best practices for HR administration. Some of our students have gone on to create their own business.

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All your course materials are delivered to you by post or using our online learning portal, to make it as easy as possible for you. We also provide email support from approachable, expert tutors who will support you throughout your studies.

In this Human Resources course you will:

  • Learn about infrastructure management and employee contribution
  • Learn how to select staff from interviews and tests
  • Discover how to deliver inductions when new staff come onboard
  • Learn how to work well with others
  • Gain skills for preventing harassment and bullying in the workplace and explores conflict resolution
  • Learn about influences and attitudes as well as behaviours and personalities.

Course Units

Unit 1: Introduction to Human Resources

Unit 2: Enlistment, Selection and Introduction of Staff

Unit 3: Creating and Updating Personnel Records

Unit 4: Employee Performance & Development

Unit 5: Staff Management and Relationships

Unit 6: Disciplinary, Grievances and Tribunals

Unit 7: Termination of Employment

Human Resources Facts

Prospect recruitment and Neocase conduced surveys to understand additional detail relating to human resources:

  • High earning potential as the average salary for HR professionals is £32,948
  • Recruiters spend on average 7 seconds reviewing a CV, with 76% being discounted for having an unprofessional email address
  • HR officers earn an average salary of £25,000, but managers earn £36,000 and directors £70,000
  • 93% of recruiters working within HR are likely to look at a candidates social media profile
  • 26% of employee are not employed due to a ‘weak handshake’ at interview!


This course is assessed using a series of written assignments that are designed to test your knowledge of the course materials. These will need to be sent to your personal tutor for marking, whereupon they will supply you with helpful tips and feedback. No external examinations are required.

Required Knowledge

No prior knowledge or skills in human resources are needed in order to enrol onto this course, making it ideal for those just starting out in this career field.

Awarding Body

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive certification from National Institution of Qualifications (NIOQ) and a Learner Unit Summary (which details of all the units you have completed).

This course has been designed to meet the requirements of specific learners or employers. It is endorsed by National Institution of Qualifications, meaning the course has undergone external quality checks to ensure that they are maintained and delivered to an excellent standard.

National Institution of Qualifications are a national certificating organisation. Endorsement of our courses ensures learners have access to high quality materials that cover all learning outcomes, helping them to achieve their potential.


From the guidance of our personal tutors whose industry experience within human resources can help to support and mentor your studies, to our comprehensive study guide and course materials; from day one we will go above and beyond to help you succeed in your studies. With twelve months tutor support, you have the option of completing in as little as three months, or using the full twelve months.

You too can take advantage of the extensive knowledge base of our personal tutors and use their experiences to get all of your questions answered. Similarly, our student support team are readily available to lend you their advice and guidance as they help you to decipher your course materials and answer your questions.

Only one click away, you can trust that help will be there when you need it…


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question that our team are often asked, there are many reasons but here are the main reasons to choose Association of Learning:

  • No hidden charges, the price you see includes everything, from VAT, tutoring to certification
  • Our average tutor marking time is 3 working days (most providers are 10+)
  • We are rated 5/5 for our service on Trustpilot!
  • Our courses are up to date. Many providers create course content and fail to keep it up to date.
  • We are open later than any other home learning provider
  • As many submissions as you need to complete, many providers cap how many times you can submit work
  • All courses are fully endorsed by external awarding organisations
  • 14 day money back guarantee or course switch.

If you need any more reasons to choose Association of Learning, contact our team!

All students are provided with 12 months to complete their course, however you are able to complete at a faster pace without any additional costs. Some of our students have managed to complete in as little as 3 months!

This course is an endorsed certification, not a regulated qualification.

There are two payment options, pay in full for your course or monthly. Our monthly payment option allows you to spread the cost of your course over a 10 month period.

If you choose to pay using a payment plan, to apply you must be able to answer yes to the following:

  • Your billing address is based in the UK
  • You have a UK based bank account
  • Bill payer must be 18 or above.

No, this course is assignment based, which means you will not have to complete any exams. If your assignment doesn’t pass first time, you can retry as many times as you need within your 12 months support period.

No, all of our courses are distance learning which means your tutor will mark your work and send it back to you via email or by using our online portal.

Unlike other providers, Association of Learning use a fast-track system to get your certificate to you within six weeks (our average is two weeks).

There are no requirements to have completed any courses or have any knowledge of the subject area to enrol on the course. There is no application process and no questions asked when you sign up, it is accessible to anybody.

Your course will start as soon as you sign-up. You could start your journey of learning today!



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Reviews from people who completed this course...

Human Resources Level 3


Harmony McCoy

My tutor always gave me detailed feedback and took no longer than 2 days to respond to my unit/s. He sometimes passed me and other times gave me a few suggestions on how to improve – I appreciated the improvements as I wanted to make sure that I did each unit with 110% effort.
Extremely happy with the result – received my certificate a week after finishing the course – would highly recommend this company and this course!!


Louisa Kent

I have always showed an interest in this sector but never got the chance to study it further in school so just as I was going to college, a friend recommended this company to me – I chose this company over others because of its positive feedback and I am very glad I chose this company because I am very proud of myself and the outcome that I have achieved from this company.


Janice Waters

Enjoyed every bit of this course; it was so fun to learn new subjects and develop further on ones I was confident in. I am so happy to have given the chance to study this course – thoroughly enjoyed it and will be moving onto level 4 next.


Leah May Thomas

Absolutely enjoyed completing this course within my own time and whilst paying monthly over 12 months. I did Business at GCSE Level and I did a few units on human resources whilst completing my GCSE. I successfully gained an A and decided to complete this course instead of going to college and I am so glad that I chose this company because its customer service staff were so helpful to set up a payment plan.


Joanne Lewis

I have had an enjoyable experience with Association of Learning and I am happy to announce that I will be starting a new course soon which will help me develop further into the HR sector.


Harry Mckensey

I was never a fan of school and exams, hence I chose this course so that I could complete it in my own time and at my own pace. It has made my learning more enjoyable to do it at my own pace. I am enrolling onto the level 4 straight after I finish this course. I am very excited to expand my knowledge further into the HR world.


Seph Hershak

This course was very interesting and I am very happy to be moving onto Level 4 next year.
I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the amazing tutors who helped me through each assignment.
I would definitely recommend this course to others.


Harriet Smith

I chose this company over others due to its amazing 5 star reviews. I wouldn’t normally have done an online course if it wasn’t for seeing others success stories. I am half way through completing my level 3 and I am enjoying every minute of it. My tutor is so kind and caring and always gives me feedback once or twice a week. I appreciate the feedback because it motivates me to carry on and allows me to improve. I look forward to completing my level 3 and i would definitely use this company again in the future.



Thanks to all the staff who have helped me get onto this course and thanks to all the tutors who have given me honest feedback and helped me develop my skills and achieve the highest score possible on all units.


Eleanor Clay

The staff on this course were so friendly and welcoming. They helped me settle into the course quickly as this was new to me. They also helped me set up a payment plan so that I didn’t have to pay all upfront. I am so thankful for all the support I have had whilst completing the course and I am keen to start a new one soon 🙂



I had an interest in the topic so I decided to look at courses to keep myself busy whilst I had just finished school. I completed this one in 6 months after putting all my effort in and it has allowed me to have a bigger insight into the HR sector.



My tutor was so helpful and managed to put up with me through all the stressful times, however, now I am doing a another Level 4, all thanks to my great tutor and the staff from association of learning. Wouldn’t have done it without everyone’s support. Would definitely recommend to others


Jamie Evans

Great course, only just finished after 7 months of doing the course. Time has flown so quickly and I really do appreciate all the help from the staff at Association of Learning and the tutors which I knew I could email whenever I needed help.


Harriet Law

I chose this course instead of going to university…BEST decision i ever made. So grateful for my tutors help and I will definitely recommend this course and the company to others. I enjoyed every minute and would do it again if I could.


Sophia Grant

I started this course back in November 2017 and have just recently finished it. I have never done an online course before and so I decided to give it a go. I have really enjoyed each unit especially the unit on how companies choose their staff. This has given me a greater insight into how the HR function works and I can now use this to my advantage when I next apply for a specific job role.



Thank you for your support over the last 6 months


Lola Smith

I opted for the study pack which was slightly more than the online version and I was so happy I did! It made completing assignments so much easier and more relaxing. I am so happy with the way this course turned out and I couldn’t thank the staff more for their help and support!



I finished this course earlier this year and I am now section leader at my current job role. This course has helped me get to where I am now and I wouldn’t have passed the interviews if it weren’t for this course. Many thanks to association of learning for all help and support.


Emily-Alice Edwards

For someone who hates college, I am so grateful I could complete this course whilst at home in my pjs. My tutors helped me and gave me guidance through email when I was struggling. The customer service staff helped me to set up an instalment plan so that I didn’t have to pay it all in one go, this made such a huge difference and affected my decision to take the course.
I couldn’t be happier after completing the course as it has allowed me to expand and develop my knowledge further into the world of HR.


Seph Hershak

This course was very interesting and I am very happy to be moving onto Level 4 next year.
I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the amazing tutors who helped me through each assignment.
I would definitely recommend this course to others!!


Amy Blissit

This course has been life changing. I love these courses so much because there are no exams, its all written assignments which means no stress of exams! There is no deadline as such to complete each assignment, its within your own time but it’s easier to set yourself goals so that you can improve quicker and more efficiently. When I finish my level 4 i’ll hopefully feel ready to start applying for HR roles. Thank you Association Of Learning and all its tutors and staff!


Mrs M Hazeldene

I stopped working due to maternity leave, i decided to complete this course to re-fresh my brain before I went back to work. This course has allowed me to develop areas I already excelled in, and allowed me to learn things I never knew before. I can’t believe the amount a simple course can teach someone in just under a year. I loved every minute of it and now I more than confident that I am ready to go back to work.


Bill Davies

Enjoyed every second of this course and being able to do it in my own home.
Would recommend to anyone – can’t fault this course at all.
The company and its tutors were very supportive and wanted me to improve which gave me motivation to do so. So glad to have finished and now I am looking at completing another course.


Mrs H

All my life I have been doing office work, as I am now retired I chose this course in order to expand my knowledge about human resources. It has opened up a new path for me and it has kept me busy with the workload and I will continue with this course to keep my mind busy and active.

I am so happy that I was able to do this and didn’t receive any judgement when speaking to the customer sales advisor.
Many thanks, Mrs H.



Loved the course so much, it has helped me to become a better person and excel in the things I enjoy most.
Recommended by a friend, so glad I chose this course.



FAB course,FAB staff, FAB content.

10/10- I will definitely recommend this course to others



Finding this Human Resources course very useful, its is helping me a lot in my day to day role in work. Not to mention the tutor support is brilliant, would definitely recommend studying with Association of Learning.



I’m finding the course very interesting, also studying in my own time is just brilliant, a lot easier than having to go to college.



Since completing the Human Resources Level 3 course, I have been able to apply for supervisors positions at work and I am hope full i will succeed at interview. My tutor that supported me throughout the course was excellent and was able to help with any questions I had. Already looking at the Level 4 course.



I have really enjoyed working my way through this HR course and have learnt so much, would recommend to anyone wanting to further their knowledge on the various aspects of Human Resources. Thanks again, Dean.


Lucy W

One word – AMAZING!
100% would recommend this course to others. Tutors were all of great help, including the customer service staff talking me through the payment plans.



Detailed course with assignments and a supportive tutor to match. Helped me change my career, working full time and stuck with not being able to visit college.



I am finding this HR course very interesting, the support from the customer service team is brilliant, they are great to communicate with and answer your emails within a hour. Upon taking this course on, I thought that studying from home would be difficult in terms of being motivated to sit down and do assisgments but I’ve surprised myself I am really enjoying it. I’m really looking forward to completing this course and hoping to take up another course with Association of learning.



I had to leave college as I was struggling to commit to the course I was doing, due to childcare issues. The only other option I had, was to start doing a course from home. At the start I was struggling as to what course was best for me, the staff at Association of learning talked me through course options, they were extremely helpful and very knowledgable, they were able to provide me with advice of each individual course and advised what options I had after completion. The course itself is very self-explanatory and very easy to follow. I haven’t needed to use the online tutor support as yet, but from going of their customer services advisors I’m confident that the tutors will just be as good. Looking forward to working my way through the course, I’ve just finished my first unit and found it very interesting. Would highly recommend this course.



Very quick/easy sign up, course was sent across within 24hrs, course modules easy to follow, support fantastic. Quite surprised how quick I am managing to get through the units. Overall I’m thoroughly enjoying my home learning experience 🙂


Steph Tuck

I chose this over going to uni – best decision I ever made.



Thoroughly enjoyed completing this Human Resources course. Would highly recommend Association of Learning to learn with, a lot easier than having to go to college, you can work from home at your own pace. Great idea



Before signing up I was a bit hesitant to do a course from home, but once I had received my course material I knew I have made the right decision, it also helped that I could pay in installments over the next 6 months. My tutor Diane is extremely helpful and very approachable, the level of support and promptness of marking is second to none.
I highly recommend Association of Learning to anyone wanting to do a course from home and I will definitely be doing another course after this one. Thank you



Before signing up I was a bit hesitant to do a course from home, but once I had received my course material I knew I have made the right decision, it also helped that I could pay in installments over the next 6 months. My tutor Diane is extremely helpful and very approachable.
I highly recommend Association of Learning to anyone wanting to do a course from home and I will definitely be doing another course after this one

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