Travel and Tourism Level 3


Make a splash in the booming tourist industry! Our Travel and Tourism Level 3 online course will prepare you for a career in this high-demand industry, giving you the tools to excel in a variety of roles.

Travel and Tourism Level 3

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About This Course

Our Travel and Tourism Level 3 online course is your ticket into the exciting field of travel and tourism. Unveil this global industry that connects cultures, builds communities, and enriches lives. This course offers a fresh perspective on travel, ensuring you’re equipped with cutting-edge skills and knowledge to excel in this sector.

Look into the motivations behind travel and explore the mechanisms that create unforgettable experiences for travellers. Our comprehensive syllabus covers the inner-workings of travel agencies, the dynamic package holiday industry, event organisation, and marketing.

Whether you’re passionate about exploration or aspire to work in the tourism industry, this course offers insights and expertise to get your new career started.

Study from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. Get support from your dedicated professional tutor and our friendly student support team.

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Course Benefits

Split into 10 units, every element of this course seeks to expand your understanding of travel and tourism, so you can achieve the theoretical knowledge you need to apply these skills within real and practical settings.

This course will:

  • Help you to develop a strong foundation of knowledge and competency that can be transferred into your work.
  • Enable you to study on your own terms – no classrooms, no strict deadlines and no exams.
  • Allow you to study from home – all course materials will be sent straight to your door, enabling you to fit your studies around your obligations.

Course Units

Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Industry

  • Discover key products and services of the UK travel and tourism sector.
  • Explore diverse travel modes: road, rail, air, and sea, and differentiate between serviced and non-serviced accommodations.
  • Enhance your understanding of travel packages by exploring added customer benefits.
  • Identify trade associations, their roles, services, and underlying purposes in the industry.

Unit 2: Customer Service in Travel and Tourism

  • Recognize instances of positive and negative customer service in travel and tourism entities.
  • Analyse the role of policies and procedures in managing customer service within travel organizations.
  • Explore the positive outcomes stemming from exceptional customer service in the industry.
  • Evaluate diverse techniques for delivering excellent customer service and propose enhancements for a chosen travel and tourism entity.

Unit 3: Preparing for a Career in Travel and Tourism

  • Prepare for a travel and tourism career.
  • Craft a compelling CV or personal profile for the industry.
  • Conduct a skills audit to bridge current and future skill requirements.
  • Learn to create professional application documents and enhance interview prospects through evaluation and action planning.

Unit 4: Travel and Tourism Destinations

  • Identify UK, Europe, and global destinations in this unit.
  • Create a travel brochure for a chosen location.
  • Customize destination recommendations for various traveller types.
  • Cater to diverse categories such as families, adventurers, retirees, and more, understanding their distinct needs and desires.

Unit 5: UK Visitor Attractions

  • Explore visitor attractions, both man-made and natural.
  • Understand how attractions enhance customer appeal.
  • Evaluate visitor management strategies at attraction destinations.
  • Examine the impact of attractions on local communities and areas.

Unit 6: Hospitality in Travel and Tourism

  • Explore the symbiotic relationship between travel, tourism, and the hospitality industry.
  • Analyse the variety of products and services offered through this partnership.
  • Understand how hospitality providers cater to diverse customer needs and expectations.
  • Learn strategies for meeting customer requirements through hospitality services.

Unit 7: UK Tour Operations

  • Gain insight into various types of tour operators and their roles in the industry.
  • Understand the functions and methods employed by tour operators to promote and sell packages.
  • Analyse the influence of recent external factors and events on tour operations.
  • Explore the potential impacts of external factors on the tour industry.

Unit 8: Travel Agency Operations

  • Examine the variety of travel agents available in the market and reasons for customer preferences.
  • Differentiate between the products and services offered by various travel agents compared to competitors.
  • Gain insight into the operational procedures, information sources, and legal aspects used by travel agents.
  • Develop skills to effectively recommend and endorse travel products to prospective customers.

Unit 8: Marketing for Travel and Tourism

  • Understand the essential role of marketing in business, ensuring awareness of products and services.
  • Explore the factors influencing marketing activities and delve into the concept of the marketing mix.
  • Engage in practical market research to aid the creation of a comprehensive marketing campaign.
  • Develop promotional materials in conjunction with a marketing strategy for a specific product or service.

Unit 8: UK Passenger Transport Industry

  • Gain comprehensive insights into the UK passenger transport industry, its structure, facilities, and services.
  • Explore various factors that impact the industry such as technological advancements, changing demand, and legal considerations.
  • Analyse intricate travel options for complex journeys and adeptly create detailed itineraries.
  • Enhance your understanding of the industry’s dynamics by delving into its intricacies and influences.


This course is assessed using a series of written assignments that are designed to test your knowledge of the course materials. These will need to be sent to your personal tutor for marking, whereupon they will supply you with helpful tips and feedback. No external examinations are required.

Required Knowledge

No prior knowledge or skills in this area are needed in order to enrol onto this course, making it ideal for those just starting out in this career field.

Awarding Body

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive certification from National Institution of Qualifications (NIOQ).

This course has been designed to meet the requirements of specific learners or employers. It is endorsed by National Institution of Qualifications, meaning the course has undergone external quality checks to ensure that they are maintained and delivered to an excellent standard.

National Institution of Qualifications are a national certificating organisation. Endorsement of our courses ensures learners have access to high quality materials that cover all learning outcomes, helping them to achieve their potential.


From the guidance of our personal tutors whose industry experience will help to support and mentor your studies, to our comprehensive study guide and course materials; from day one we will go above and beyond to help you succeed in your studies. With twelve months tutor support, you have the option of completing in as little as three months, or using the full twelve months.

You too can take advantage of the extensive knowledge base of our personal tutors and use their experiences to get all of your questions answered. Similarly, our student support team are readily available to lend you their advice and guidance as they help you to decipher your course materials and answer your questions.

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This course is an endorsed certification, not a regulated qualification.


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