Higher Level Teaching Assistant Level 4

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This course will give you the skills you need to properly support your students, and to achieve your own career goals. This well-respected Level 4 HLTA course can dramatically expand your potential and your potential salary as a teaching assistant, or even to make the jump to full ‘teacher’ status.

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About This Course

What if you could progress your school support career, develop your skills AND improve your earning potential – would you do it?

Our online Level 4 Higher-Level Teaching Assistant course has been designed for those who have a passion for working with children and wish to progress to the next level, and enable you to move beyond your current Teaching Assistant role.

And the good news is – you can complete this at your own pace, in your own time and from the comfort of your own home!

Our course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, the skills and the training to address challenges within the workplace and enhance your understanding of how to effectively support your students.

From one-to-ones, to small groups to supporting students with a variety of additional needs; by the end of this course you will feel confident in your ability to support, guide and influence the minds of those you teach, so you can take greater responsibility in the classroom.

Course Benefits

Comprised of 5 in-depth units, our course covers everything you need to achieve success within a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant Role. From child development and welfare to promoting positive behaviour in the classroom; this course is a fantastic asset to your CV and the working relationships you establish with teachers.

This course is also designed to complement your existing practical work, by supplying you with the theoretical knowledge to expand on your current skills and take on greater responsibilities in your role. It will also give you the opportunity to explore elements of your job that you’ve previously not been involved in.

This course will:

  • Enable you to combat workplace challenges by developing your knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Broaden your knowledge on how to support individuals, small groups and those with additional needs.
  • Increase your responsibility levels within the classroom by enabling you to assist the teacher with lesson planning, creating support materials and managing other support staff.
  • Enable you to work with teachers to raise teaching standards within the school as well as ensure students are able to reach their true potential.
  • Boost your earning potential and salary grade.

More importantly, you can experience the joys of working within a wholly satisfying and rewarding career.

Course Units

Unit 1: Communication and Positive Relationships

Unit 2: Curriculum, Planning and Assessment of Students

Unit 3: Child Development Stages

Unit 4: Personal Professional Development

Unit 5: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion



Our course takes on average 180 hours to finish and is assessed based on a series of written assignments and questions (requiring descriptive answers) that will test your course knowledge on a unit by unit basis. Within these assignments, you will need to be able to demonstrate your knowledge to your personal tutor, as well as be able to reflect on your practice when applied within the workplace.

The good news is – you can start our online course at any time – making it ideal for those wishing to combine their studies with their existing job commitments. All we ask is that you complete these units within a year of your registration.

Required Knowledge

There are no requirements to have completed any courses to be able to enrol on this course – you do not have to be employed as a Teaching Assistant either.

Awarding Body

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive certification from Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) and a Learner Unit Summary (which details of all the units you have completed).This course has been designed to meet the requirements of specific learners or employers. It is endorsed by Training Qualifications UK, meaning the course has undergone external quality checks to ensure that they are maintained and delivered to an excellent standard.

Training Qualifications UK are a national certificating organisation. Endorsement of our courses ensures learners have access to high quality materials that cover all learning outcomes, helping them to achieve their potential.


You will receive the Higher Level Teaching Assistant course assignments and a comprehensive study guide, alongside your very own personal tutor who can provide you with endless support.

Our student support team can also handle any other queries you may have whilst completing your course, meaning you never have to struggle or feel isolated in your studies. Instead, our team will always be on hand to help throughout the full 12-month duration of your course (should you choose to study for that long).

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question that our team are often asked, there are many reasons but here are the main reasons to choose Association of Learning:

  • No hidden charges, the price you see includes everything, from VAT, tutoring to certification
  • Our average tutor marking time is 3 working days (most providers are 10+)
  • We are rated 5/5 for our service on Trustpilot!
  • Our courses are up to date. Many providers create course content and fail to keep it up to date.
  • We are open later than any other home learning provider
  • As many submissions as you need to complete, many providers cap how many times you can submit work
  • All courses are fully endorsed Ofqual regulated awarding bodies
  • 14 day money back guarantee or course switch.

If you need any more reasons to choose Association of Learning, contact our team!

All students are provided with 12 months to complete their course, however you are able to complete at a faster pace without any additional costs. Some of our students have managed to complete in as little as 3 months!

There are two payment options, pay in full for your course or monthly. Our monthly payment option allows you to spread the cost of your course over a 10 month period.

If you choose to pay using a payment plan, to apply you must be able to answer yes to the following:

  • Your billing address is based in the UK
  • You have a UK based bank account
  • Bill payer must be 18 or above.

No, this course is assignment based, which means you will not have to complete any exams. If your assignment doesn’t pass first time, you can retry as many times as you need within your 12 months support period.

No, all of our courses are distance learning which means your tutor will mark your work and send it back to you via email or by using our online portal.

Unlike other providers, Association of Learning use a fast-track system to get your certificate to you within six weeks (our average is two weeks).

This is a fully endorsed qualification, with certification provided by an Ofqual regulated awarding body.

higher level teaching assistant course

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Reviews from people who completed this course...

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Level 4


Kamila Ventura

I would highly recommend this company above others because they have been so kind to me. I had such a huge issue middle of my course and they extended it for me because of this issue which meant I was able to complete it in time. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.


Eden Wickens

This course has been so amazing to be able to complete it at home and in my own time. My tutor did give me deadlines but it wasn’t set in stone and I wouldn’t get reminders to do the work if I missed a deadline that she set for me. This was so relaxing and I am so glad I chose to do it at my own pace because it has been an absolute joy to complete.


Sydney Anderson

This course was PERFECT for me = being able to study at home, in my own time and complete units whenever I wished. My tutor responded to me promptly and with lots of positive feedback and suggestions on how to improve to better myself. Very pleased I chose this course and I am glad to have pushed myself for the higher level.


Jill Forbes

Happy to have chosen this course – didn’t need any previous knowledge which was a bonus! Completed within 8 months and got my certificate within 2 weeks after finishing = perfect course!


Natasha Perdiki

Enjoyed this course thoroughly due to each unit being different from one another and asking different questions. Some units were quicker to complete than others and this just showed me where I excelled and where I needed to focus on. I would highly recommend this course to anyone – with or without previous knowledge.



Excellent course, informative information provided on each unit and tutor feedback promptly replied with lots of suggestions. Enjoyed the course very much considering I didn’t do any previous learning.


Kimberly Fernandez

What I loved most about this course was that I was able to do it within my own time. It is not easy balancing a life with 2 children however 8 months later and I have managed to do it. I am so proud of myself for not giving up. My tutor especially helped by motivating me when I wasn’t handing assignments in, he boosted my confidence and was able to give me the courage to get it done quicker and to my maximum ability!



What a great place to learn! The team are very friendly and my personal tutor was also very helpful and provided in-depth feedback. Although I had to wait between a few days and up to a week for the feedback, I didn’t mind as I knew it would be instructive and would help me achieve my fullest potential. I’m going to recommend this learning company to all my family and friends as I have not had a problem with it.


Natasha Giblin

Having completed my teaching assistant level 2 and 3, I wont be hesitating in enrolling on to another course. The whole home learning scheme was great to fit in around my busy schedule. The support from my learning tutor was most useful, always giving detailed feedback within a few days of my request. When I received my certificate through the post I was overwhelmed with a sense of achievement!


Rita K

Fantastic course with great content, great tutor and easy to understand.


Emma Hughes

I have completed a couple of courses now with this company and love their structure and the tutor support. The difficulty of the course is just the right for the levels.


James Young

Fantastic learning experience, Material comprehensive and very clearly laid out. Prompt responses from tutor. I am looking forward to studying a specialist course with The Association of Learning next!


Samantha Hughes

The Association of Learning made gaining a qualification from home while taking care of small children so simple and flexible, tutors and staff are always incredibly friendly and helpful and respond to queries quickly. I have already recommended the company to a few friends, also considering further studies with them in the near future.


James Williams

Amazing course, genuinely recognised by employers. Excellent support and quick marked assignments. Brilliant standards and helpful. Would use again for further studies.


Alice Price

Such a great course, provides you with all the information you need and if you’re ever stuck you have a experienced tutor right at your finger tips. Completing this course allowed me to move up in my job role and I’m happy to say I am now a fully qualified HLTA!


Isabel Edwards

It wasn’t my idea to study at home.. it was actually a gift for christmas last year. I decided to give it a go and started the course mid January. Throughout the course I have had nothing but a good experience, with my tutor providing timely feedback and the support team being very helpful.
10/10 for me, once I have finished the course I will hopefully be taking on another.


Chloe J

I have thoroughly enjoying completing my higher level teaching assistant diploma. The support from my tutors has been second to none! I found the course very challenging and it has given be a very strong insight and understanding into the role of a higher level teaching assistant. I would definitely recommend Association of Learning as a professional establishment for anyone seeking to obtain a formal qualification. Thank you so much!


Rachel Mayers

Thoroughly enjoyed this course with Association of Learning, tutor support was always available for me and the turn around time for my assessment marking was brilliant. I would use Association of Learning again and I intend to do so in the future.



Great experience, allowing me to progress in the workplace as I needed!


Lynn Thompson

Enjoying everything about my course, including the tutoring and the course content that is very easy to understand. Student support team are always reponsive and open late which helps because I work till 6pm.



Enjoying this course so far and the materials provided are relevant and insightful to the units that are set. Positive and thoughtful feedback is always provided by the tutor which is very helpful when received promptly.


Emily Harding

I have just completed the HLTA Course to which I am happy to say that I have passed! This course gave me an insight into the varied and sometime complex ways that children learn. There were parts that I found challenging and I was able to contact my tutor and ask questions regarding any issues. I would just like to thank both the support team and my tutor for their patience. I would thoroughly recommend this course and the company!



I enjoyed studying with Association Of Learning, I received help whenever i needed it and got my work back promptly with advice and corrections that I could make. I really enjoyed this course compared to others and I will consider studying with this company again.


Eric Todd

Really pleased I chose this course with Association of Learning, there are other providers out there but I’m glad I picked The Association of Learning, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. My tutor is really helpful and gives great feedback. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and colleagues.


Martin Jones

Just completed my first module, I wouldn’t say its easy but also not to hard. Once you get into it, its actually quite addictive and challenging. Very educating, and I have enjoyed completing the assignments, it took me less time than I initially thought it would and the tutor got back to me the very next day!
I would really recommend this course for anyone looking to become a teaching assistant or HLTA.


Dawn Goff

Fantastic course and a fantastic company with the specialty of monthly payment plans with a small deposit upfront. I am so glad I chose this course as my tutor has been amazing help to me and has provided me with excellent feedback and motivated me to do better with each passing unit.


Alishia Rose

After completing the level 2, 3 and this level 4 course, I feel very content about my decision as a Teaching Assistant and I feel really confident within my job role and I know that I am working at my fullest potential giving it 110%.


Taylor Woolaston

I have enjoyed the course so far! The information provided is a fantastic insight. The tutors are super supportive and give thorough and constructive feedback after each module. Would highly recommend this to anyone.


Codie Oliver

Brilliant course with brilliant tutors. My tutor was there to help me each step of the way, she always informed me that if I needed any help then I could email her. She always responsed quickly too which was helpful. My tutor has made this learning experience enjoyable and I don’t feel as though I would be this confident about the topic without her.



I have done three courses with Association Of Learning and enjoyed both immensely. The first course was the Teaching Assistant Level 2, followed by the Level 3, and I have just finished the Level 4. I have a good understanding of the profession and though I found it easy, it was still helpful and enjoyable doing each level.

I will do more courses in the future and I hope they keep adding new courses!


Karren Jones

Very well structured course. The HLTA course opens new doors. Would recommend A+



Quick and easy learning especially for those who are doing this alongside a full time job as part of their training – can do the work at a flexible pace


Natasha Giblin

Of all the Home Learning Colleges that I have dealt with/used over the years this one is up there with the best. All interactions were with approachable and friendly staff and tutor and learning material was top notch and well presented.

I enjoyed my course so much that I was quite disappointed when I couldn’t find another one to take up straightaway!


Lucy Donald

I’ve had a great learning experience with Association of Learning and I am extremely thankful for all the help I have received over the past 3 years. I haven’t had any exams to complete which has been even better. Sad to say goodbye to my tutor however I am now where I want to be and I wouldn’t have done it without this company.


Cherie Atkins

I did the Teaching Assistant level 3 course and really liked it so I have decided to do the higher level 4 one and I am so glad I did because I have gained so much more knowledge. Extremely satisfied with the content of the course and with the support I received from my tutor.


Ella Cradle

The course is laid out perfectly it’s so easy to follow and understand, The assistance from the Association of Learning support team is excellent helping with anything you ask and giving good overall support and guidance.



Helped me move forward with my career, great course for me and gave me flexibility to work at my own pace. Support staff helped a lot and so did my tutor. 5/5 from me.


Erica Davies

Fantastic course! I have loved every moment of it, super informative and I have learnt a lot. It has increased both my knowledge and experience in working as a HLTA and I now have the certificate to back up my experience. The tutor feedback I received was delightfully informative and effective. Very good support both from support team and tutor. I thank you once again, the association of learning team.


Amy Chester

I cannot stress to you how much this course has helped me with becoming an HLTA!
The course knowledge is so in depth and with a help readily available from AOLs tutors you never need to worry about struggling if you’re stuck just send them a quick email and you receive an almost instant reply. I’m now looking at doing my next course with AOL so I can work with children with special needs.


Bevove Owen

I found the course very interesting and written in easy to understand language. The support I received from my tutor was positive and constructive points raised, I received my feedback in a timely fashion and this kept me focused and motivated. My experience of using Association of Learning has been very positive and I will definitely be back for more at some point in the future.


Kaela Foulkes

This course was very intriguing and I had to give it a shot. 7 months of hard work and dedication I am pleased to say that I have passed every unit and I look forward to getting my certificate.



It was a fantastic course. I got enough material to understand about the module and gave me more time to work on my assessments and do more research and read extra. I like to work and study on my own and within my own time so this course was perfect to balance the other things in my life. And as I am that kind of person who likes to do research on specific topics this course helped me to so. I was also happy with the quick feedback that my tutor gave me so I knew what I needed to add or remove. I would definitely recommend this course.


Katie Ellen

Absolutely cannot fault the tutor support so far throughout my course. The course content and modules are incredibly detailed and I am enjoying getting back into learning. I will definitely be embarking on a new courses after this one!


Patrick Wright

Distance learning is such a great way of studying and gaining qualifications without going to college. All qualifications are recognised. Came across some computer issues at first but after a quick call to the support team they put me on the right track! Would definitely do another course.


Brenda Elliott

Excellent!! Anyone wishing to further their studies from home would greatly recommend. Support is fast and my tutor was extremely helpful. I have just completed the course about and I can now further my career! Thank you Association of Learning


Isabel Edwards

It wasn’t my idea to study at home.. it was actually a gift for christmas last year. I decided to give it a go and started the course mid January. Throughout the course I have had nothing but a good experience, with my tutor providing timely feedback and the support team being very helpful.

10/10 for me, once I have finished the course I will hopefully be taking on another.

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