Maybe you’ve just finished college or university and you’re looking to work somewhere over the summer holidays. Or maybe you’re at an impasse in your life where you want to change things up, but are not sure how.

Whatever your reasons for seeking out a summer job, the good news is there are a variety of roles to choose from.

Popular summer jobs:

Summer Camp Counsellor

this is a dream gig for a lot of students as it perfectly slots into your summer while looking fantastic on your resume. Within this role, you would help guide, support, and advise children attending the camp, while also leading activities.


Summer is a prime time to work as a babysitter, as many parents lose the benefit of being able to send their kids to school/nursery while they are working. As a result, there is a high demand for babysitters and nannies during the holidays.

Gardener/ landscaper

From mowing the grass, to planting and tending gardens, working as a gardener/landscaper is ideal if you love gardening and are naturally green-fingered.

Summer intern 

Working as an intern is a fantastic way to gain valuable work experience in the field you’re interested in. The thing to remember is that you might not get paid as many companies expect interns to work voluntarily.


Perfect for university students, these late night hours will leave you free to pursue other interests during the day time e.g. interviews or summer courses.


Summer is often a time that parents use to help their children catch up on subjects they are struggling in. As a tutor, you can use your knowledge to help guide younger students and enable them to flourish in various subjects e.g. English, Maths, Science, languages, etc.

Restaurant server

This is a great job to have all year round as the hours are pretty flexible, however, if you’re only looking for a temp job, then restaurants won’t mind the brevity of your career with them.

Dog walker

This is particularly ideal if you’re looking to boost your exercise levels, as you can combine caring for dogs with multiple daily walks.


Similar to being a gardener, if you have got a natural affinity for DIY then you may find working as a handyperson a fun job to do.

Now, these are just a handful of the most popular summer jobs out there. You can also try working as: a cashier, a fast food employee, a sports coach, a theme park attendant, an event planner, a fast food delivery person, an UBER driver, a parking attendant, a hotel receptionist, a cruise ship attendant or as a freelance writer/photographer.

For more information on how to improve your job skills during the summer months, why not take a look at our long list of online courses? Designed to boost your CV and employability levels; doing an online course can push you further up the career ladder.

Visit our website for more details.

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