New Year and Best Intentions

Another New Year has arrived and many of us will have selected our New Year resolutions such as, give up smoking, get fit, get married, give up sugar etc etc. During the New Year period, many of us will also consider additional life challenges such as getting a new job or brushing up on our education.

At times, this can go hand in hand. If you wanted to look for a new role as a Teaching Assistant or Health Care Assistant and you previously working in Retail, Construction or hospitality for instance, it is unlikely that you will have the necessary qualifications to impress a new employer into giving you a job. With Association of Learning we can help to bridge the gap and provide you with a hold host of qualifications that will make your Curriculum Vitae (CV) stand out to potential employers.

Whether your objectives are, why don’t you take a look at the variety of qualifications and courses on offer with Association of Learning and boost your employability opportunities immediately. Even if you don’t have the necessary qualifications, an employer may look on you favorably if you have taken the initiative to purchase a course and improve your knowledge.

You will not only be demonstrating that you are not afraid of hard work, that you are prepared to spend your own money for self-improvement and that you are committed to study and personal development.

For advice and guidance, please follow the links below to a range of courses which will enable you to progress into a new role, alternatively give AOL a ring to chat through your options:

HIGHER LEVEL TEACHING ASSISTANT LEVEL 4 From: £32.18 / month for 12 months and £65.00 deposit 

HUMAN RESOURCES LEVEL 3 From: £29.18 / month for 12 months and £59.00 deposit 

CHILD CARE LEVEL 3 From: £25.92 / month for 12 months and £41.90 deposit 

BEAUTY THERAPY LEVEL 2 From: £25.43 / month for 12 months and £33.90 deposit 


Whatever your plans, don’t let the New Year impetus go wanting and end up not achieving your goals, get in touch today!

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