Can all courses be done online?

When it comes to learning and discovering what is available to you, knowing that you can complete the course you want from the comfort of your own home can be incredibly appealing.

However, despite the number of online courses you can choose from, not all of them can be translated into an online course. Some subjects can only be taught in the classroom or at university, for instance: becoming a vet, forensic scientist, doctor, solicitor, etc.

That being said, there are thousands of courses you can explore that are specifically designed for remote learning.

To help you gain a more thorough understanding of online courses and how they work, below we have outlined the most common subject areas for online courses:

One: Teaching

If you dream of becoming a teacher or working in a school, then you can take advantage of several teaching-related courses. From specializing in Special Educational Needs to becoming a Teaching Assistant, there is a range of diplomas that can teach you how to nurture and foster learning among students.

Online courses include Higher Level Teaching Assistants; Awareness courses (ADHD, autism, Childcare and Learning Diplomas, Learning Difficulties, Special Educational Needs, Speech, Language, and Communication Difficulties).

Two: Health and Social Care

Interest in this sector is rapidly rising, so it is important to know all your options before you throw your money at one course. For one, it is a role that requires a lot of listening, time management, and empathy. At the same time, you need to be physically strong and fit so you can easily assist the more vulnerable patients in your care who can no longer get around, wash, or get in/out of bed.

Three: Childcare

From new-borns to secondary-aged children, childcare courses aim to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to help children of all ages to safely flourish. Within this niche, you will find nursery-focused courses, as well as courses on the care of children with special needs. In addition, you will encounter courses specifically designed to broaden autism awareness; prepare you for home childcare scenarios; teach you about child development, safety, and how to provide child counselling/become a family support worker.

Essentially, anything you need to know about working in the childcare profession can be found within these courses.

Four: Beauty

Whether you aspire to be a beautician, beauty therapist, stylist, or make-up artist, there are tonnes of online beauty courses that can help you to conquer this popular career niche.

Some of the most widely sought-after courses include nail art, beauty therapy, complete eye diplomas, make-up artistry, eyelash extensions, reflexology, massages, and holistic treatments.

Five: Administration & HR

Every business needs a dedicated HR department at its disposal to ensure the company doesn’t suffer from high staff turnovers/dismissals, and the stress of disciplinary/complaints.

With the support of our online HR courses, you can learn about typical HR responsibilities such as training, recruitment, appraisals, disciplinary, complaints, and relations. At the same time, administration courses can teach you how to effectively manage your colleague’s calendars; formulate data, and create succinct reports so you can work as a personal assistant, administrator, or office manager.

Six: Science & Research

From understanding aquatic ecosystems to managing computer systems and food production, to tracing genealogy, to providing forensic science expertise at crime scenes; you will find an assortment of courses within this area.

Alongside the newer social sciences of psychology and sociology, you will also be able to study the traditional sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics, including A-Levels and diplomas.

Seven: Business & Management

Designed to improve your knowledge of businesses, these courses can provide you with the tools to launch your own company; create a business plan; handle your finances (bookkeeping and accounting) and admin; market your products, and boost customer engagement.

Eight: Creative & Arts

From interior to web design, drama, HTML, photography, creative writing, blogging, and copywriting; these online courses can show you how to become a better writer, artist, coder, or actor, as well as teach you how to break into this exclusive niche.

Nine: Languages and Culture

If you have got a passion for traveling, speaking new languages, and learning about other cultures, you can utilise these online courses to develop your linguistic skills as well as your knowledge on the histories of different countries e.g. lost civilisations, Egyptology, etc.

In addition, you can access any of these subjects from GCSE level up to diplomas.

Ten: Environment and Nature

Whether you’re passionate about horticulture, or dream of protecting the environment; you can explore a breadth of online courses that will enable you to study botany, marine biology, and environmental science, as well as learn how to become a garden designer.

Eleven: Law & Legal

Employment law, criminal psychology, government, or politics… these online courses are ideal for those exploring a career in law. In addition to covering legislative information, cybercrime, forensic science, forensic psychology, and law enforcement, you can also acquire the skills to influence future legislation and become an MP.

Twelve: Media & Marketing

With every business expected to have a strong online presence, working in media and marketing can be incredibly lucrative.

From teaching you how to handle your social media accounts and advertising, to providing you with solid marketing techniques and event management strategies; you can take advantage of the following online courses:

Event management, wedding planning, advertising, blogging, business marketing, copywriting, freelance journalism, SEO, social media, and marketing.

Thirteen: Food & Hospitality

If you’re interested in working with food or in hospitality, then these online courses will set you on the right path. Covering food hygiene, nutrition, event planning, nutritional therapy, and weight management; you can use these skills to go on and work in a restaurant, manage events and assist others with their weight and diet ambitions.

Fourteen: IT & Digital

Whether you’re a novice or a computer enthusiast, these IT and computer courses can bolster your existing skills and prepare you for working on information management systems, coding, blogging, and SEO.

Fifteen: Animal Care

No matter your animal interests – goldfish or zebras – you can use the breadth of animal care courses to prepare yourself for a career as a dog groomer, zoologist, zoo keeper, or veterinary assistant. Alternatively, you can harness this knowledge and use it to take better care of your cats, dogs, and horses.

Next Steps

With GCSEs, A-Levels, diplomas, and NVQS available amongst most courses; whilst you won’t be able to find every course online, the ones you do discover will make a massive difference to your career choices. Many of the best courses online can enhance your existing skills and enable you to effectively climb the career ladder.

So if you don’t fancy going to college or university, or you find the idea of entering a classroom daunting; you can easily harness online courses to help you get the skills you need but on your terms.

How do online courses work?

Unlike college and university courses which have specific starting times, with online courses you can register onto them at any point during the year and then spend as little or as long as you want to complete them.

Instead, you can tailor your studies to fit around your current work and social commitments and achieve a healthy work/study balance. In turn, you will remain in complete control of your learning journey choosing when, where, and how you study as well as the duration of your studies.

The way these courses are assessed can vary. Some are assessment and coursework only, while others will require the completion of exams and physical attendance to in-person learning days e.g. dog grooming and beauty.


So what are you waiting for? For more information on online courses and how they work, visit our website today.

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