Why do people want to change their career?

Of all the questions you should prepare for when applying for a job, this is one of the big ones, as the answer you give will greatly inform their decision on whether or not to employ you.  You can’t for instance say you hated your last job/boss as this will paint a negative picture of your character. Instead, when asked – why do you want to change jobs? – you should formulate an answer that leaves no doubt about your commitment, resilience and ability to work as part of a team.

In other words, you need to prove to them that you are leaving for the right reasons and that it is intentional i.e. you are searching for better opportunities, or want more of a challenge/a chance to grow in your career.  Give an answer like this, and it will show them that you are thinking long term about where your career is heading.

To support this answer further, you need to focus on why you have chosen to apply for this role, and how you feel they can help you to progress. For example, you may want to respond that you have heard/read positive reviews about their company or culture. Likewise, you could indicate that your application stems from your desire to get experience in a different type of workplace.

What if there isn’t a positive or apparent reason for this move?
If there is no clear reason for your move or application, then you need to be careful in how you answer while ensuring that it remains positive.

Good responses include:

Changing location/a house move
You want a job which will allow you to spend more time with your family
You want to move from working in a city setting to a rural one
You want to reduce your commute time

Whatever reason you give, it is essential that you keep it positive and that you don’t make any negative comments about your previous job.

What are the common reasons for changing careers?

The reality is, there are few jobs that are for life anymore. From being unchallenging, to not paying enough, to offering no progression; it is not uncommon for people to get itchy feet and crave something different.
In fact, you are likely to go through multiple careers during your lifetime.

Yet, what are the biggest triggers? What are the most common reasons for people wanting to change their career?

Want more money – the cost of living is rising, so the need for more money is growing, especially when you factor in children, bills, rent and mortgages.
Lack of appreciation – we all crave recognition for our efforts/work, so should you find yourself in a situation where you work endless hours/work hard but receive no thanks, then you may start to feel bitter about your job.
Job is too stressful – working in a job that leaves you unhappy and stressed, is not a life well-lived, so you shouldn’t feel bad for wanting something better for yourself. You deserve more.
Need more flexibility – your situation can change i.e. having children, so there may come a time when you need more flexibility with your working hours/what days of the week you work.
No career progression – maybe you’ve achieved the top spot/position, or you work in a job where no one rarely leaves; in either case, when faced with no opportunity to progress, you may find yourself feeling unchallenged.

These are only a handful of reasons for wanting to change your career; you may find you have got other just as important reasons. In any case, just remember – it is okay to want to do something different, so never feel guilty about it.
Instead, use this decision to start something new of which you can be proud of e.g. enrol onto an online course, take up a hobby, travel or gain work experience in a new field.

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