Samantha’s Experience on the Life Coaching Diploma Level 3: “Go online, go all-in, and take a chance.”

Finding your path in today’s world can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack! A constant whirl of responsibilities and opportunities leaves you feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Luckily, finding your footing and trying new things is easier than ever. With the rise of distance learning, you are now able to study the qualifications you’re interested in alongside your full-time career and responsibilities. It’s opening doors for learners that they thought permanently shut.

Samantha is one such student. After excelling in her studies with us, she’s a shining example that anybody can accomplish their goals, so long as they have faith in their own talents and their ability to help others.

We were lucky enough to sit down with her and discuss her experience on the Life Coaching Diploma Level 3 online course, as well as what she’ll be doing next!

Choosing Life Coaching

Samantha’s journey into coaching began with a seemingly simple choice: Counselling or Life Coaching?

Many of our students weigh up these options, some choosing to do a combination of the two courses, others making a decision between them. Samantha was similarly intrigued, ultimately settling on completing the Life Coaching Diploma Level 3 first, and aiming to enrol onto the Advanced Counsellor and Psychotherapist Level 4 online course later on.

“I ended up choosing the life coaching,” Samantha shared. “I put the counselling on hold because I wanted to establish myself as a life coach first and then come back to do counselling after that.”

We had to work to get Samantha’s attention though! She did her research into different course providers before enrolling with us:

“I saw the coaching course on your website, and I was reading everything about it. I had a look at various other places as well, but I thought the whole layout and structure of your course were just absolutely unbelievable. Really, really good.”

Getting Started

Samantha’s enthusiasm for the Life Coaching Diploma Level 3 course is palpable. As a university employee, she understood the importance of augmenting her skills and knowledge to help others in various situations, from financial struggles to family matters. She was able to bring that awareness with her into her studies, as well as her educational background.

“I was able to use what I was learning in the course quite a lot, funnily enough,” laughs Samantha. “I work at a university, so I quite often speak with students who have money troubles, which spurred me into the more counselling side of coaching.”

Like many of our students, Samantha was working full-time while studying. By opting to study online, she was able to prioritise her learning whenever it suited her, rather than rushing around to get to set classes and exams.

“Online learning just fits in with my lifestyle. With me working at the university, I’m so busy all the time, and I don’t have the time to go into a classroom,” Samantha explains. “I don’t have time to sit down and mix both aspects of my life, so it was perfect with my busy lifestyle.”

That being said, Samantha was definitely one of our most engaged and determined students when it came to her studies!

“I had to have a study strategy,” she says. “When I was working Monday to Friday, I would work on the course in the evening. I would start at 6:00pm and put aside two hours to do the work. I’d do that three nights a week, and then I would work most of the day on a Saturday or Sunday.”

When asked what kept her motivated to work to this schedule, Samantha passionately explained:

“Once you start doing the course, I’m a big believer that you’re either all-in, or you’re not. If the course doesn’t grip you, you’re not going to jump in, you’re not going to be bothered with it.” She continued, “The way the course was laid out kind of eased me into it, but it kept me there. Once I started the reading, and did the further reading, I’d gotten two hours into the work and couldn’t come away from it! It was so good, it really was.”

Personal Tutor Support

When students enrol on our courses, we make sure they’re assigned to one of our industry-professional personal tutors. Our goal with providing this level of support is to ensure our students always feel like there’s a friendly face to go to with their questions, as well as offering them relevant and personalised feedback.

Samantha was assigned to our tutor Mark, with whom she felt she was in excellent hands.

“Mark was lovely, really good,” she says excitedly. “Whenever I sent any questions to him, he came back very quickly. Not only did he answer them, but he also came back with examples of other things to try, often things that would never have crossed my mind. I’m hoping he might be the tutor for my Advanced Counsellor & Psychotherapist Level 4 course when I start, but of course it’ll be nice to meet other tutors as well!”

Bringing Life Coaching To Life

Samantha has wasted no time since her recent completion of the course! She’s found a creative way to make a positive impact on those around her, organising events to connect and support single mothers.

“I’ve just organised with a local restaurant near me to do a coffee morning with single mums,” Samantha gushes. “Just to give them a chance to talk and help them meet, mix, and have a morning rant”

Samantha is also working on getting a website up and running, where she will offer coaching (and counselling!) once she completes her second course with us.

We asked Samantha what she would share with anyone thinking about enrolling on a life coaching course with us, and she didn’t hold back! Here’s her advice:

“I would say go online, go all in, take a chance! It opens up a whole new world of different areas. You learn so much about what it means to be a coach, and what coaching is, so that you can go away to research those areas and find what works for YOU, and what you enjoy.”


It’s always exciting to see our students thrive and continue their learning journeys, but it’s even more so when our students continue to grow and learn with us! Samantha is a glowing testament to our ethos, as well as a powerful example of the life-altering power of distance learning. Her experience demonstrates that it’s always possible to further your education and career, no matter how hectic your work-life is.

We’re looking forward to seeing where Samantha goes next, and hope that our readers can find as much inspiration from her as we have!


If you would like to learn more about our Life Coaching Diploma Level 3, please follow this link to our site.

To check out our full course catalogue, click here.

To read more inspiring student stories, check out our blog.

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