Most weird and obscure online courses

When it comes to online courses, we are all familiar with the traditional ones of psychology, teaching, photography and animal care. But what about the more obscure courses? The rare ones which stand out for their unusual titles and qualities? Are they worth pursuing, or are they unique for reason?

In this article, we shall list some of the most weird and obscure distance learning courses currently on the market:

  1. How to become a Pro Esports Gamer – being a game tester is not that uncommon, but to have such a focused role is unusual;
  2. Biohacking your brain’s health – get past the name and this could assist anyone wishing to work in social care or psychology;
  3. Art of Clowning – yep, you read this right. A course on how to become a clown;
  4. Osteoarchaeology: the truth in our bones – a good one for anyone who fancies becoming the next Dr Brennagh from the TV show Bones;
  5. Star Trek: inspiring culture and technology – this course explores whether any of the technology and science discussed on Star Trek is possible;
  6. Hypnosis 101 – this course has the potential to assist anyone wishing to explore counselling and psychology;
  7. Tracing your digital footprints – again, this course has got a lot of potential, especially given the digital age we live in;
  8. How to influence people – used for good, you will discover tips on how to make a positive impression in different scenarios – a trick that will be useful during an interview.

Now, while not all of you will want to become a clown, there are some courses on this list which have the power to positively support your journey into some very promising careers i.e. counselling, psychology, archaeology, etc.

So if you like the look of any of these, then why not take a look and see how they could benefit your learning?

For more information on online courses and how they work, come visit our website today.


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