What are apprenticeships and what do they entail?

If the prospect of spending another 2 plus years in education doesn’t sound appealing after completing your GCSEs, then signing up for an apprenticeship could be the route for you.

You see, unlike college courses which expect you to sit at a desk and learn in a classroom, apprenticeships differ as most are designed to train you on the job giving you knowledge and hands-on experience under the supervision of a trained professional.

True, there are some that will ask you to attend a handful of classes, however the majority of your learning will be done on the job, plus by the end of it you will gain a license that will allow you to work in certain regulated professions.

How do apprenticeships work?

You could say the earliest jobs were apprenticeships. Blacksmiths, mechanics, builders… these are all jobs where the trade was passed down from generation to generation, from one person to the next, yet over the years apprenticeships have changed. Not only will you gain experience and training, by the end you will have also earned a formal qualification, a license and a salary.

Other things you need to know:

  • Apprenticeships last between 1-6 years. Their length will depend on the industry you choose, the level you’re working at and your prior experience.
  • Apprenticeships can be broken down into 4 levels:
    • Intermediate apprenticeships (Level 2)
    • Advanced apprenticeships (Level 3)
    • Higher apprenticeships (Level 4 and above) – will need A Levels and/or Level 3 qualifications
    • Degree apprenticeships (Levels 5-7) – will need A Levels and/or Level 3 qualifications
  • You can undertake apprenticeships in over 1,500 positions across the UK.

The 5 most popular apprenticeships:

  • Business, Administration and Law – good for banking, HR, insurance, accounting and legal professions (NOTE: there is now a Level 7 Solicitor apprenticeship);
  • Retail and Commercial Enterprise – covers beauty, hairdressing, catering, hospitality, funeral homes, retail management and international trade;
  • Health, Public Services and Care – care leadership, pharmacy, emergency care, firefighting, court, tribunal and HM Forces;
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies – engineering construction, gas, manufacturing processes, heating and ventilation, rail engineering and nuclear;
  • Constructions, Planning and the Built Environment – you can earn a level 5-7 in construction management, civil engineering, plumbing, heating and surveying.

As you can see, apprenticeships have got a lot to offer for those who dislike educational settings. So if you fancy getting onto the career ladder fast, then why not consider signing up for an apprenticeship.

For more information on apprenticeships and online courses, visit our website today.

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