What jobs can I get with a childcare qualification?

The reality is – you’ve probably read a tonne of articles telling which qualifications to get if you want to work in childcare, but what about afterwards? What can you do with these qualifications once they are part of your arsenal?

Whether you’ve now got a Level 3 in childcare or have completed a number of online childcare courses, what you need to consider now are your options.  Sure, your employability will have sky rocketed, as most childcare jobs/settings view these as a prerequisite for getting the job.

But what jobs can you actually get with them?  Here is a list:

  • Nursery – this is your most obvious route as many of these courses are tailored with this career setting in mind;
  • Social worker – if you’re more interested in the social aspect of childcare and in protecting children, then this career path is an interesting one to explore. Just bear in mind, that you’ll need qualifications in social work and psychology, alongside childcare;
  • Family support officer – similar to social work, you can use your qualification in Level 3 childcare as a stepping stone to establishing a career in this niche;
  • Youth worker – again, you will need to build on your current qualifications before you explore this route, but it is an option for you.

Now, the above are the most obvious jobs you can get in childcare – yet they are not your only choice.

You could take them a step further, and choose to become self-employed and launch your own day-care or childminding business. This way you can manage your own time, be your own boss and create an environment you can be proud of. Alternatively, you can delve a little deeper and make use of individual skills you’ve acquired during your learning journey.

For instance, the best online childcare courses aim to expand your knowledge on life and the different aspects you’ll encounter each day. Because of this, you may find that you’ve developed an interest in child psychology and the inner workings of a child’s mind, or that you want to explore language and social development, and their influences on children’s personalities and their morals. From here, you may decide that you like the idea of coaching, counselling or working with those with special educational needs as a teacher.

See what we mean? Childcare courses can open doors to numerous rewarding careers that can offer you endless years of job satisfaction as you help others to grow and succeed. In other words, it is a qualification that can grow with you and enable you to become an expert in a number of rewarding fields.

So if you’re looking at your Level 3 qualification in childcare and are wondering what comes next, just remember – you can take this certificate and become anything you set out to be.

For more information on our childcare courses and your career options, visit our website.

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