Some jobs are better suited for certain personalities than others. Not because you can’t do them, with the right drive and willpower you can do anything you put your mind to, but because some jobs will help you to flourish better than others.

In this post, we shall put this theory into practice and explore 5 jobs that are ideal for those who are considered outgoing, flamboyant and confident, and whom thrive when placed in social situations.

  • Lawyer – this job involves regular interactions with people. From interviewing a client, to working on a case with colleagues, to presenting a case in a courtroom; a lawyer’s day is filled with people.

This makes this job ideal for anyone who thrives off complex situations/people; who can handle pressure, and whom is good at judging the personalities/characters of others.  Check out our online law course for more information on how to become a lawyer.

  • Sales – this post is perfect for those with an extrovert personality, as you’ll need to feel comfortable approaching people (to see if they want help) and maintaining a conversation long after they may want to leave. Likewise, you’ll need to be resilient and competitive, so you can use these impulses to help you close the deal, not give up and get the bonus you want.
  • Hair and Beauty – if you’re going to successfully make a living out of doing people’s hair, make-up and nails, then you need to be a bit of an extrovert, as again you’ll need to be able to talk to people, strike up conversations and deal with awkward situations i.e. where customers struggle to relax, open up or speak.

Your job is to give them an experience where they feel special and good about themselves. This means you need to make a connection with them as you work, as your conversations will add to their overall experience.

  • Life Coach – this job is ideal for anyone who likes helping others to thrive, and whom feels energised by their successes. Within this role, you’ll behave a bit like a psychologist as you’ll meet with patients every day and help them to get to the root of their problems i.e. discover what is blocking them from getting what they want from life and work.

To achieve this you need to be good at setting people at ease and getting them to open up. You also need to be patient, a great listener and know when to ask questions which will help them to open up (without making them feel uncomfortable).

  • Teacher – standing up in front of a class of students can be a daunting experience, so to do this job well you need to be a bit of a performer so you can handle the pressure. Likewise, you should have a deep rooted desire to want to help others to reach their potential. This will make you more willing to adapt your teaching style to suit the individual needs of your students.

More important than all of this, you should be patient, calm and kind so you find it easier to connect with students as individuals and as a group.

These are just 5 jobs which are ideal for those who flourish in social settings. There are many other jobs you can explore.
So if you are someone who comes alive and energised when working with others, then why not consider pursuing one of these careers?

For more advice on professional online courses, visit our website today.

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