Most popular Jobs for post-16s

While a few might do the odd babysitting job or paper round during their GCSEs, most teenagers only start looking for a job once they hit college or university.

Yet, what are their options? What are the best jobs for teenagers to apply for who are still in education?

Below we have compiled a list of popular jobs which can easily be done around your studies, whether that be college, university or even distance learning:

  1. Babysitting – these are relatively easy to find and do (if the children you’re caring for are well behaved). To get started, we suggest asking friends and family with young children first. Once your confidence has grown and you’ve acquired more experience, you can begin advertising your services.NOTE: any additional qualifications in childcare or first aid would be beneficial. Check out our online courses to see your options.
  2. Gardening – ideal for those who love being outdoors or who are green-fingered.  Your role can range from weeding, mowing or power-washing decks/patios to more complicated jobs, such as trimming hedges and designing flower beds.
  3. Retail – retail is a notoriously popular job for college and university students as there are plenty of part-time/weekend jobs in this industry. To begin with, you would stock shelves and clean up, but eventually you’d be asked to man the tills and handle customer service.
  4. Pubs, bars and restaurants – similar to retail, this is a popular part-time job and covers a variety of tasks. From cleaning tables and collecting glasses and plates, to taking orders.  The thing to remember about this job is that there will be times where you’ll be extremely busy and run off your feet.
  5. Dog walking – perfect for animal lovers, you can offer to walk other people’s dogs. In fact, you’d be surprised by how many would appreciate your help with this, especially those who work shifts or full time.
  6. Selling crafts online – websites such as Etsy have made it possible for you to easily sell your crafts online. So if you love painting, sowing or making anything, then you could easily fit this job around your distance learning.
  7. Hair salon – if you’re contemplating a career in beauty or hairdressing, then working in a salon is a great way to get started as you may eventually be hired as an apprentice/trainee hair stylist. To begin with, you’d be asked to clean, sweep up hair, make drinks and manage the phones.

As you can see, getting an education doesn’t have to stop you from entering onto the job market. So if you’re looking to supplement your income while you learn, then why not consider any of the jobs above?

For more information on our breadth of online courses, visit our website.


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