How to turn redundancy around

Redundancy can occur for a variety of reasons – a business closing, a company experiencing financial difficulty, a job role no longer being needed, or a location change. However, just because the job is gone, doesn’t mean you have to let it get you down.

Being made redundant could prove to be the opportunity you need to make a real and credible change to your life – one that is positive and destined to change your circumstances for the better.

What can you do following redundancy?

Take a short break before returning to work

Unless you hated your job, being made redundant is stressful and incredibly unsettling. In an instant, you’ve gone from feeling sure of your future, and the next, you are left wondering what you should do next. Because of this, you might want to take a short break from working, before you climb back onto the career ladder. Not only will this eliminate feelings of stress and insecurity, but you will also be able to travel to places you previously couldn’t because you couldn’t get time off work.


If you’re considering a career change following redundancy, then now is the perfect time to enrol on an online course or return to college/university, while you look for a new job. By broadening your skill set, you can increase your employability odds as well as strengthen your CV. Likewise, this additional time will allow you to experiment with courses that will enable you to change careers and try something new.

Seek advice

Whether you’re struggling to get a new job, or you just can’t decide which direction to go in, seeking guidance from Citizens Advice or a job centre could help you to put things into perspective. With an outsider’s view, you can determine if you want to continue working in the same niche, or try something different. At the same time, they can give you advice and tips on how to improve your interview skills.

Whatever route you decide to go in, redundancy doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world. Instead, you can see it as an opening to changing your life and exploring a better-suited career.

For more advice on online courses and how to maximise your CV, check out our website today.

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