Job predictions for 2021

As 2020 comes to a close and Corona makes it clear that it isn’t going anywhere any time soon, it is only natural for you to wonder how the job market will change in the coming year. Will it continue in the same way it has always done, evolving based on customer demand? Or will it evolve to match the growing necessity for remote jobs?

In this article, we shall explore which jobs are likely to be in demand during 2021 and how you can take advantage of them:

  1. Hybrid roles – technically this isn’t a job, but it is very relevant given the situation we are currently in. You see, Corona has affected businesses on many levels and has forced them to work differently due to falling incomes and budgets. With a smaller budget to work from, when hiring someone new, they are now looking for someone who can perform multiple roles/wear many hats. As such, you may find that you aren’t asked to do one job but several e.g. an administrative assistant who also performs HR and operational duties;
  2. Digital marketing specialists – with many stores forced to operate online, making sure they’ve got a strong digital presence is essential. As such, the number of digital marketing roles has skyrocketed to help meet this demand;Note: during this job you would be expected to manage online platforms and social media accounts, as well as perform SEO, PPC and monitor Google ads.
  3. Graphic designers/creatives – for businesses to truly succeed they need someone to bring their marketing concepts to life. This is where graphic designers come in, as your job will be to develop layouts, create logos, design user interfaces and help them to rebrand their business;Note: other roles related to this position include – creative directors, production artists, animators and multimedia artists.
  4. Marketing strategists – in their quest to recover from this virus, many businesses will be interested in hiring a marketing strategist to help them navigate the marketing arena. As part of this role you will be responsible for creating strategies, identifying messages, developing creative concepts and bringing strategies to life;
  5. Data analyst – businesses are finally recognising the importance of data and how understanding the way their customers behave can help them to improve their marketing campaigns.  As a data analyst, you can help businesses to analyse these patterns and trends, and translate them into something they can use.Note: to get started you will need a background in data science, Google Analytics, CRMs and reporting tools.

These are just a handful of jobs that are set to be in demand in 2021.

In truth, there are many more you can explore which you can easily access by boosting your skills and enrolling onto online courses. Here are some more for you to consider:

  • Accountants
  • HR professionals
  • Operations managers
  • IT professionals
  • Web engineers

To find out more about the best jobs to apply for and how to spruce up your qualifications, visit our website today.


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