How to get an apprenticeship

With universities getting more expensive to attend, it is little wonder that enrolling onto an apprenticeship has grown in popularity. Designed to get you into work straight out of school or college, they can give you an early start on the career ladder.

Yet how can you apply? Simple. By doing the following:

Step One: Reach out to your current network – if you’re not sure where to begin it may be worth reaching out to former employers, teachers and friends to see if they can help you to find an apprenticeship with their organisation. With their help you may be able to find a hidden gem that you can’t normally find on the web.

Step Two: Search official apprenticeship websites – Find an Apprenticeship is an official government website that lists current apprenticeship opportunities. To use it efficiently, we recommend that you search using the right keywords whilst browsing through their entry levels. Alternatively, if you’re still not sure what you want to do then you can look through their entire listings.

Step Three: Improve and tailor your CV – once you’ve identified the kind of apprenticeship you’d like to apply for, you need to tailor your CV to showcase your skills and why you’re right for the post. Now, don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience as potential employers will be aware that you are just starting out. Instead, make sure that you highlight your education, hobbies, volunteer work and any skills that are relevant to the apprenticeship you are applying for.

Step Four: Apply for the position and prepare for the interview – now that your CV is done, you’re ready to apply for the apprenticeship and see if you get invited to an interview. At this point, you should brush up on your interview skills and research the company you’re applying for. A good tactic you can try is to practice common interview questions so you can prepare answers which best promote your skills. You can also use your knowledge of the company to tailor your answers and make it specific to the post.

Honestly, the key to getting it right is to know what you want to do with your future. Do you have a natural inclination for woodwork? Are you fascinated by how electronics work? Are you creative? You need to sit down and ask yourself these questions and then have a serious think about which apprenticeship you want to apply for.

For more information on apprenticeships and how to improve your skills, visit our website.

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