Why should you do an online marketing course?

By now you’re probably aware that marketing is one of the most popular, in demand jobs around. But why? Why is this particular career proving to be so lucrative? More importantly, why should you use this information to help you pick an online course?

The answer is simple: diversity.
Not only is every business now expected to have an online presence and a marketing team to support it, there are also a breadth of roles you can explore within this industry. Take the following marketing positions:

1. Digital marketing – like we just mentioned, these days it is essential for businesses to have a strong online presence as most customers base their visiting and purchasing decisions on what they find online. From searching on their phones for the latest deals, to browsing on their laptops for product reviews; most customers use their devices to compare businesses, services, products and prices.

As such, there is a strong demand for digital marketers to help businesses manage their content, email marketing, SEO, social media and pay-per-click marketing.

2. Offline marketing – while customers strongly rely on websites to do their research, it is still important for businesses to have an offline presence as well. From offering catalogues, pamphlets and leaflets, to advertising on billboards and via meetings, promotional events and cold calls; businesses need to be present in all areas.

As a result, you could explore a career where you exclusively manage their offline marketing.

3. Social media marketing – social media is so prevalent that many businesses will hire someone to solely run their social media marketing campaigns. This is because customers use social media to find out about deals/sales, as well as send in queries/complaints. For this reason, they need someone to keep on top of all their social media accounts so that their customers always feel engaged and connected to their business.

Within this role you could end up promoting deals/sales, answering queries and posting updates about the business, all in a bid to boost brand awareness and traffic to their website.

4. Affiliate marketing – if you’re not familiar with this concept, the idea behind affiliate marketing is for individuals/businesses to send users to your website via posts/articles/blogs that they write on your behalf. In other words, they will earn a commission, every time someone they send via their own website turns into a customer on yours.

In many ways it is another form of promotional advertising that businesses willingly pay affiliates for as it enables them to expand their customer reach even further.

Now as you can imagine, this type of marketing needs someone to manage it to ensure that all the content they use is valuable and works i.e. reviews, blogs, vlogs, etc. To guarantee this, many businesses will supply template content for affiliates to use on their platforms – and this is where you come in. You would be charge of managing affiliates and the content they use.
And if these four roles wasn’t enough, you can now also try to be a network marketer or an influencer – both of which also pay really well.

So if you’re considering a career in marketing, but aren’t sure where to start, then why not take a look at this list of roles and use it to help you pick the right online marketing course for you?

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