What resources do you need for online courses?

You would be right in thinking that when it comes to online courses, once you’ve registered the majority will provide you with the resources you need to complete the qualification, however, what else will you need?  Will you be provided be everything or will you need to buy extra?

In the following article, we will provide you a detailed list of all the materials you’ll need to finish your course.

Provided by Online Course Supplier:

  • Comprehensive study guide – this will outline what is involved, the syllabus and each module, and what assignments you will need to submit.
  • Resources – this can range from individual documents and booklets, to actual books. Now, in the case of books, most courses won’t expect you to use them. Instead, everything you need to read will be accessible online. However, should you be asked to read specific books, then they’ll either be sent to you through the post or they’ll be listed as a recommended read which you’ll need to purchase separately.
  • Tools – some courses – such as dog grooming and beauty therapy will expect you to complete practical assignments where you’ll have to demonstrate your newly acquired skills. To assist you with these practical study days, your course supplier will send you a basic tool kit which you will then need to add to as the course progresses.

Extra materials:

  • PC/laptop – remember, the majority of your studies will take place online so you’ll access to a PC/laptop/tablet in order to get your work done.
  • Note pad
  • Pens/highlighters/pencils
  • Flash cards – these are useful for making notes and preparing for any examinations.
  • Post-its – these are good for bookmarking pages or highlighting specific pages in your notes.
  • Recommended reads – these are not compulsory buys but can be purchased to support your learning.
  • Tools – like we mentioned in the section above, courses such as beauty therapy and dog grooming will expect you to complete a certain number of practical study days. To assist you with these, they will send you a set of tools. However, these tools will only act as a starter kit, meaning you will need to add to them once your course is over or should you choose to specialise in a particular skill.

Now, the majority of these are pretty in-expensive and shouldn’t cost you a lot to get outside of the materials sent to you by your course provider. In fact, most are included in the course price.

However, in the event you choose to pursue a more practical course you may have to purchase additional materials. So if you’re interested in doing an online course, then why not take a look at our list of options? With everything provided once you’ve enrolled, getting the skills you want is possible.

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