Every country has got some weird job titles in their repertoire, but how many can boast that they’ve got a long list of them? Well it would seem that the UK has got some unusual jobs in their midst and if you don’t believe us, then why not take a look at our list below?

Every one of the jobs we are about to name are real job titles that you can apply for in the UK:

  1. Tug Master – tug masters are responsible for the safe operations of a tug vessel. This ranges from looking after the vessels crew to ensuring that the load is in place to checking passage plans;
  2. Acoustics Consultant – if you’re good at engineering then working as an acoustics consultant may be the role for you. In this job you will have to demonstrate a strong knowledge of noise mapping software, as well as have practical experience of environment and building acoustics. Additionally, you will need to be confident in a range of acoustics, vibration measurements and analysis systems;
  3. Air Cartographer – similar to an airport manager/transport planning manager, you will be expected to create flight plans for the Royal Air Force as well as maintain flight safety standards;
  4. Econometrician – this role describes a type of economist who integrates statistics and maths with economic analysis. To apply for this role you will need an advanced degree in statistics and/or economics;
  5. Genius – this Apple store role describes skilled experts whose sole job it is to troubleshoot and repair products for customers;
  6. Scrum Master – this title relates to facilitators of ‘agile’ development teams. Their job is to keep the team focused on ensuring continuous improvement, flexibility and team input. The ‘scrum’ part of their name also describes a methodology that is used to help teams to self-organise and make changes quickly, while adopting agile principles;
  7. Chemometrician – this is a scientist/statistician who specialises in Chemometrics (the use of mathematical statistics in the design of experiments);
  8. Calypso Developer – the company Calypso provide technology solutions for complex financial markets. One such solution is a single platform that is designed to enable business innovation and growth across trading, risk management, processing and accounting.

If these unusual job names prove anything it is that – you don’t have to be limited to applying for traditional jobs. If anything, there are many unique jobs out there. So if you’re looking to do something new and different, or fancy having a weird job title, then why not explore jobs such as the ones above?

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