The most unusual courses to do during lockdown

To say that the way we work, operate and spend our time has changed, would be an understatement. If anything, during the last year, we have transformed from social creatures who happily spent our weekends conversing in pubs, visiting cinemas and dancing in clubs into beings who are locked down both physically and mentally.

And that is forgetting, the growing sense of boredom that has arisen from university closures, having to work from home, and basically having to isolate from your friends and family.  Add all of this together, and it is little wonder that many of us are looking for other more unusual ways to fill our time.

Faced with the prospect of another night sitting in front of Netflix, or learning how to create the perfect Selfie, the latter suddenly looks more appetising.

So what are your options? What unusual courses can you choose from?

  1. Preparing for a Zombie apocalypse, yep, you read this right – you can enrol on a course that is dedicated to preparing you for a zombie apocalypse.Now, you might be thinking who on earth would want to do a course like this? However, despite its name, there are some practical elements to this course that might appeal to you. For instance, at its core is a strong focus on teaching you how to survive, should you find yourself lost or far from civilisation and this could prove quite useful if you plan to travel in the near future or go camping, as alongside these survival skills, you’ll also be shown how to: hunt for food and various plants; build shelters; use equipment (so you can fend for yourself in the wild) AND tell the difference between surviving and perishing.
  2. Selfie Masterclass – again, this course may sound silly however if you’re considering a career in media, marketing or photography, then the skills you’ll learn here may prove beneficial.  For example, during this course you’ll learn how to use social media, online marketing and email mailing lists, as well as will discover how to generate conversions, create promotional pictures (using a smartphone and no lighting), and establish an ecommerce site.
  3. Build a lightsabre – structured around DIY and a knowledge of basic electronics, during this course you will discover how to create a lightsabre from scratch. And this is fantastic news if you’re looking to expand your electronics skills or take on a new hobby, as the hours you’ll spend on this course will be thoroughly engaging and entertaining.
  4. Build a rocket – if you’ve got a child that loves science, then you might enjoy this course as it beautifully blends maths and science, while allowing you to create a rocket using household materials.Adults too can garner a lot of skills from this course as it also involves a lot of data collection, teamwork, problem-solving and creativity which are all vital and transferable skills that will make your CV look better.
  5. Dog training – train your dog to walk on a treadmill.  Yep, this is not your average dog course. Here you will learn about various other ways to occupy your dog while you’re furloughed or working from home, including how to use a treadmill.

Would you believe that these are just a handful of the strange/unusual courses that are currently circulating online? In truth, there are many more fun courses you can choose from during lockdown.

So if you’re looking for something to fill up your time, then why not consider adding a fun online course to your repertoire?

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