What can you expect from the job market in 2020?

You may think 2020 is ages away, but if you are planning to go to university or dream of trying something new, then now is the time to make important decisions about your career and qualifications.

The reality is – with technology constantly advancing, the job market is rapidly changing in a bid to keep up with it. As a result, you can’t put off thinking about your career because if you want to make the right choices – and ensure you get your foot in the door at the right time – you need to be fully aware of what the job market has got in store.

So what has the job market got in store for us?

Below are a handful of careers that experts are predicting will be popular in 2020:

    1. Data Analyst – thanks to continuing technological developments, we now have to deal with a lot more information and data, thus resulting in a growing need for more Data Analysts. Yet their presence can make a massive difference to the way businesses choose to operate.With their help, not only can businesses translate this valuable and commercially sensitive information into something meaningful; they can also use it to improve their business services and profitability.
    2. Computing/mathematical roles – according to the World Economic Forum, over the next few years we will see a rise in the number of computing and mathematical based jobs that are available.Roles that are predicted to see the biggest rises include: computer programmers, software developers and information security analysts. However, most careers involving Information Technology, computers and programming will witness a boom in popularity due to small and large sized businesses recognising the need for computer-minded individuals within their ranks.
    3. Architects and engineers – whilst a lot of installation/maintenance roles are expected to drop; architects and engineers are two career routes that are going to remain strong and stable. In fact, within engineering there will be more job opportunities within biochemical careers, nanotechnology, robotics and materials.
    4. Sales and marketing – this niche is expected to witness a new lease of life. No longer will general marketing talent and knowledge of this niche be enough to get ‘generic roles’. Instead, sales and marketing roles are expected to become more specialised, with a greater focus being given towards targeting and generating digital sales. For instance, there will be a bigger need for those with skills in mobile advertising.To find out how to acquire these skills, browse our online marketing courses.
    5. Senior Management roles – times are changing, and in order to handle this change senior managers will need to acquire a new range of skills and abilities. Now, this doesn’t apply to all industries. For some this change will be subtle. However, some sectors will witness a tidal wave of change over the coming years, meaning if they aren’t able to adapt, their business will fail.To help handle this change, senior managers will be expected to play a bigger role and will need to gain skills in things such as change management, so that they are not only able to see the bigger picture but are equipped to conquer it.
    6. Product Designers – if you have got a creative mind and are always thinking of new ways to make life easier, then now is the time to consider working as a product designer. From designing cars and gadgets to revolutionising manufactured goods; businesses across the commercial and industrial sectors will always need people who can make their products better, as well as keep customers interested in their services.
    7. Human Resources – an important lynchpin to every business, human resources is a department that will never disappear. It may change and adapt with the evolving marketplace – especially in terms of organisation and administration – however, there will always be a need for someone who is good at finding the right people with the right skills to work for the company.
    8. Dog Walkers – you might be wondering how this career made it to the list, but in the last 5 years working as a dog walker has become a real and credible career, where you can now even get qualifications to do it!In many ways, dog walking is another vocational career that won’t ever fade into the background as there will always be someone who requires a service – in this case, someone who is able to walk their dog whilst they are at work.Similarly, there will always be a demand for cleaners, beauty therapists, hair stylists and massage therapists. If there is a need, there is a job…

    Can you see yourself in any of these roles? If so, the time to act is now. Enrol into college or onto an online course and you can easily prepare for the future. For more information visit our website.

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