How Teacher Motivation Levels Can Influence the Learning Impact of Their Class

From just 4 years old, teachers have the power to influence and motivate their students. In fact, once your child starts school, they will spend more time in the classroom than at home.

Bearing this in mind, it is important that teachers consider the unprecedented ripple effect they have on students, and how their lack or abundance of motivation can impact on how well their students engage.

Think about it a moment…

If a teacher is passionate about student learning and the subject they teach, then this drive will in turn help to inspire and enthral your students making it easier for you to pass on vital skills and knowledge. In other words, your motivation can help to fuel their natural curiosity.

Yet why is a teacher’s motivation so important in the classroom?

  1. Motivation helps to create a successful learning environment – no matter the age or the setting of your class (primary school or college workshop); a motivated teacher will have a different outlook compared to a teacher who simply goes through the motions.Motivation is what helps to energise a classroom and direct/sustain positive behaviour. It is what inspires you to create challenges/tasks for your students (alongside the expected activities on the curriculum) which will spur them into striving for more/reaching for new heights. Similarly, it is what entices students to want to learn and explore. NOTE: being motivated doesn’t mean you have to bounce around the classroom full of energy or be popular. It is the results of your motivation that matters I.e. seeing your students spark to life with genuine interest in what you are teaching them.
  2. Value and respect – it is important when remembering your own experiences as a student, that what you found interesting, may have been boring to others. As such the key to creating a good learning environment is trying to personalise and individualise their learning experience. This is achieved by you creating a learning environment where you value and respect each and every individual learner. By personalising their learning experience, you can ensure everyone learns.
  3. Personality – whilst teaching shouldn’t be treated like a personality contest; personality and likeability can help you to foster a healthy and successful learning environment. This involves looking at every aspect of the day. From the way you greet students, to the respect you create within those four walls, to how you end your day; during your teacher training you should look at all of these.You should also consider the way you interact with students outside of the classroom. For instance, you shouldn’t be afraid to engage or talk to them in the hallways, the school yard or elsewhere on campus; as it is these personal moments of connection that inspire them to engage in the classroom. If they feel as though you value and respect them, they in turn will want to engage with you.

How can Teacher motivation translate into the classroom?

Becoming the teacher you want to be – someone who inspires and creates a successful learning environment – involves all kinds of factors.

You should be:

  • Kind and approachable – students always remember teachers who are kind, nice and easy to speak to.
  • Warm, welcoming and stimulating – you should use every element of your classroom to inspire and stimulate your students. From your wall displays to how you set out your classroom, it should feel welcoming and clearly show that it is a place where they can learn, explore and grow.
  • The place to be – don’t be afraid to create a ‘happening’ learning environment that goes beyond worksheets, presentations and sitting at the desk. Create a space where they can also interact, ask questions, experiment, try new things and move around.
  • Create connections – help your students to take what they learn and connect it to real life. You can complete their learning circle by creating connections from these new skills to the world outside.

As you can see, motivation can make a real difference to your success as a teacher, so if you are interested in becoming a motivated teacher, then why not enrol onto an online teaching course today.

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