Can positive affirmations help you to prepare for a job interview?

Last week we talked about the idea of positive affirmations and how they can help you to eliminate negativity and change your mindset. Now, typically this kind of practice is used to improve self-esteem, confidence and your body image. Yet as we learned last week it is possible to tailor positive affirmations to help you in other areas of your life, including improving your study capabilities.

This week, we want to take the idea a step further and explore how positive affirmations can help you when applying for a job or dealing with job interviews. After all, interviewing in front of a panel can be a daunting experience, and if you haven’t interviewed for a while or are interviewing for a position in a field you’ve never worked in before; then entering that room could affect your confidence, self-esteem and the way you present yourself.

The problem is, quite often – when we are faced with fierce competition – people assign themselves a place in the ranking before they’ve even tried. Instead of thinking ‘I can do this…’ or ‘I am prepared…’ their brains tell them the other candidates are better suited and will get the job and this mindset is dangerous as it can cause you to subconsciously give up. Instead of trying your best, you’ve already resigned yourself to the idea of failing and don’t give it your all. In other words – you’re out of the race before it has even begun!

Luckily, it is possible to use positive affirmations to prevent this mindset from taking hold and affecting your interviews. With their help, you can mentally prepare yourself and keep your focus on winning in the interviewing arena. In fact, you can use them as another preparation tool.

Here are some great positive affirmations that you can try using before your next interview:

  • I am calm and confident, job interviews are easy;
  • I am perfect for this position, I am their ideal candidate;
  • I love job interviews, and my energy is contagious;
  • I impress interviewers, I stand out above the rest;
  • I am an excellent candidate, and I exude capability

By repeating these twice, a day for 5 minutes (once, first thing in the morning and again before you go to bed); these positive statements will eventually become your truth and your brain will begin to believe them.
Just remember to say them in the present tense so your subconscious recognises you as always being successful and confident.

For more tips on improving your job prospects or acquiring the qualifications you need to apply for your dream job, please visit our website.

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