What jobs can you get with a photography qualification?

It is one thing to take an online photography course/degree, and it is another to turn it into a credible career. You see, despite our best intentions, making the transition from one to the other can often be hard. While you want a job and want to use your qualifications, when put on the spot, you don’t know what direction to take.

So what are your options?  What career routes can you explore with a photography qualification?

  • Photographer – this is your most obvious career choice as it will allow you to explore your newly acquired skillset and put it to good use. Within this position, you will be able to sell your pictures to people who will display them in their homes;
  • Press photographer – this will be more focused, as you’ll be tasked with taking photographs of people, events or locations with the intention of publishing them in an article/story;
  • Television camera operator – here you’ll get to work behind the camera operating broadcasts for studios and TV;
  • Medical illustrator/magazine image editor/graphic designer – this group of jobs will all harness your photography and image editing skills.

These aren’t your only options though. You can also take your creative abilities and transfer them into advertising, digital marketing, film directing, video editing, web designing, hair styling or becoming a multimedia specialist.  Within these roles you’ll be able to take your ability to think outside the box, and use them to help solve problems and offer employers a new perspective on the world.

How can you get a job in photography?

No matter which career route you decide to pursue, the key to succeeding in all of them is to develop a portfolio that will show off your skillset.

Admittedly, work experience would greatly help you in this department as it would enable you to use your camera. However, there are ways around this. For instance, you can:

  • Volunteer for local projects
  • Enter photography competitions
  • Work as a photographer’s assistant
  • Get an internship
  • Work for local companies
  • Take up freelance work

Any of these posts would give you the hands on experience you need to expand and build a stronger portfolio. More importantly, they would enable you to network with professionals and gain access to more job opportunities.\

What sectors can you work in?

The most exciting thing about working in photography is that your days will never be dull. In truth, there are a tonne of industries you can apply to work in including: fashion, fine art, press, science/medical sectors, sports and wildlife. You can even consider approaching wedding venues or cruise liners to see if they want someone to help memorialise an event. Alternatively, you can try working for the police as a crime scene photographer.

No matter your preferences, what is clear is that you have got plenty of career options to choose from. So if you’re considering a career in photography, why not add a photography course to your arsenal today?

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