Types of Online courses

When it comes to online courses and learning from home, it would be natural to think that your learning would purely be digital. But the truth is, there are a wide variety of online courses for you to choose from.  So if you’re genuinely interested in enrolling onto an online course, then you may want to take a look at your options below.

What online courses can you expect?

  1. Face to face – now we don’t mean literally face to face. Instead, teachers will meet their students face to face in a virtual classroom i.e. via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, where they will teach them the syllabus before assigning them tasks.
  2. Hybrid course/blended course – here you will see a combination of face to face virtual teaching and flipped teaching (where a smaller portion of the class is spent on the syllabus and a larger part is spent with teachers engaging/interacting with their students). In doing so, students can benefit from deeper class discussions and opportunities to quiz their teachers on the subject – more so than they would in a real classroom.
  3. Web-based – this type of online course makes full use of the various online course platforms out there and harnesses digital tools within its teaching. This means all your coursework, assignments and quizzes will take place online.Another major difference to this type of course is that you can choose when, where and how you learn. For instance, instead of attending a virtual class, you will be able to access files and resources at any time of the day, and complete the course at your own pace whether that be fast or slow.
  4. Peer instruction – this is probably one of the most popular online courses out there as it requires no interaction between teachers and students. Instead, the syllabus is posted to the virtual clipboard/forum where the students can then access it as they see fit. Similarly, students are more reliant on other students to discuss their ideas/queries.
  5. MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) – this course is ideal for targeting large classes, which is perfect given the current situation and the way it is affecting universities. Using this model lecturers can teach their classes via a virtual channel, and let up to 50 students attend it at once.

See what we mean? There is more to online courses than meets the eye. So if you’re interested in enhancing your skills and learning from home, then why not consider a distancing learning course today?

Whether you complete it entirely online or by attending a blended course, you can achieve the qualifications you desire.

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