Overcoming Stigma with Knowledge: Anze’s Journey from “Stoner” to Counsellor

Meet Anze. He freely admits that he spent most of his 20s “stoned.” But at some point, he realised he wanted to help others who were struggling with addiction. That’s when he stumbled across our Addiction Counselling Level 3.

“I was actually in Panama when I saw your course online,” Anze recalls. “I just grabbed it straight away. It was something that was the right decision at the time for me.”

Anze’s experience with addiction gave him a unique perspective as a student in the course. He knew first-hand the struggles that people face when trying to overcome addiction. With the help of the course, he was able to channel his own experiences into a new career path.

The Road to Success

The course wasn’t always easy for Anze, but he stuck with it. “It took me a little bit longer than I thought, but I managed to complete the last four modules in almost a month and a half, whereas the first two modules took me almost five months. I would say all-in-all, a success,” he says.

One of the things Anze enjoyed most about the course was the challenging questions that required him to think deeply about addiction. “I honestly really enjoyed pretty much any question where you needed a 200-word or more answer,” he says. ” You really have to dig deep and understand the topic.

Putting It Into Practice

Today, Anze is a certified addiction counsellor with a thriving practice. “I can say I’m an addiction counsellor, and I’ve got the clients to prove it!” he says.

He started his coaching programme, My Last Joint and hasn’t looked back. He helps his clients overcome their dependency on marijuana for good, guiding them through techniques and strategies to kick their habit.

Anze highly recommends Addiction Counselling Level 3 to anyone interested in working in addiction counselling. “I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to deal with addiction,” he says. “Whether it’s someone who wants to help others, or whether it’s someone who works in the field of addiction, or perhaps even someone who’s struggling with their own addiction. I feel like it gives you a good understanding, it gives you a good insight and kind of forces you to think a little bit outside of the box, rather than just the old stigma.”

The Takeaway

Anze’s story is a testament to the power of education and personal transformation. With the help of an addiction counselling course, he was able to turn his own struggles into a new career helping others. Whether you’re struggling with addiction yourself or you want to help others who are, the right education can make all the difference.

So if you’re considering a career in addiction counselling, take a cue from Anze: be open to new opportunities, be prepared to work hard, and most importantly, believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference.

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