Mastering Holiday Studies with Family: 10 Essential Tips for Home Learners 2023

Learning from home offers incredible flexibility, but managing studies during school holidays, particularly with children around, presents unique challenges. Managing family and study time is essential to avoid missing deadlines and staying up to date.

Here are our 10 practical tips for successful holiday study sessions:

  1. Make a plan including the whole family: Don’t hide your study needs! Work together to make a plan for the holidays that allows time for both studying and spending time together.
  2. Set realistic goals: Make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin during the holidays. Remember, you deserve a little break too.
  3. Pace yourself: Spread out your study sessions across the vacation time so that you’re not rushing or stressed.
  4. Utilise short study bursts: Plan shorter, focused study periods of 20–30 minutes, allowing simple incorporation into your regular routine.
  5. Time management: Find ways to save time on daily tasks such as chores and meal prep so you can devote more time to your studies.
  6. Meal preparation: Plan your meals in advance and do your grocery shopping online to free up more time for studying.
  7. Get the whole family involved: Assign duties and devise a reward system for kids who participate!
  8. Establish a dedicated study space: Set aside a certain area of your home or flat where you can get some peace and quiet. Make it clear that you don’t want to be disturbed while you’re studying.
  9. Create storage: This tip is useful if you don’t have a designated space, as you can safely store your materials until you’re ready to learn.
  10. Re-think your chores: For instance, consider how clean your house needs to be. If you know over the holidays you’ll be out a lot seeing family, visiting friends, and attending dinners, slow down on your cleaning and give yourself a small break.

These effective strategies enable successful holiday studying while cherishing family time. Stay tuned for our next post, exploring more ways to balance studies and family without making sacrifices.

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