From University Campuses Around the World to the Web: Namrata’s Quest to Become a Counsellor

Namrata’s story has more twists and turns than our average students; she left her home in Nepal after being inspired to pursue psychology during her business bachelor’s degree. Setting off on a mission to study at a Russell Group university, she discovered it wasn’t the best place for her, and feeling discouraged, she sought out alternatives. She came across our Counselling and CBT Diploma Level 4 and never looked back! Today, we’ll hear from Namrata about her experience finding an educational institution that believed in her and finally provided her with the tools she needed to succeed.

Recent studies suggest that seven out of ten university students in the UK consider dropping out at some point in their degree. Many cite the pressure of deadlines, a lack of support from the university, and the rising cost of living as reasons they consider leaving. International students face these issues at an elevated level without the support of their families and the local community. When Namrata moved to the UK, she faced these challenges first-hand. Moving to the UK from Nepal, she had already taken an untraditional route compared to her peers by choosing to study psychology. “Where I come from in Nepal, psychology isn’t a career option that most people take. It’s still growing,” Namrata shares. “I was only introduced to psychology when I started studying business back home. In my third semester, we had to take a course on organisational psychology. It was the only time during the entire period of the course that I felt I truly understood and liked what I was studying and felt like it resonated with me.” When she chose to settle in Northern England to study an MSC psychology conversion course at a local university, she was disappointed with the experience.

“I think the thing with university assignments is that there are too many deadlines and subjects to cover in a short time,” explains Namrata. “I was still just trying to learn how to write in the style they wanted and how to do the different styles of referencing. I had no previous knowledge of things like that, so it was very difficult for me to cope in the beginning.” While support was available to Namrata through her university, there didn’t seem to be enough time to learn the material, complete her deadlines, and manage the mounting personal challenges as a newcomer to the UK. “I was going through some of my own things; we hadn’t found a place to stay, and there were too many things going on for me to be able to focus completely on my studies.” After making the choice to withdraw, Namrata needed to find a new outlet for her passion.

“I still wanted to study counselling, so I was researching more options to do it online,” Namrata remembers. “I was recommended Association of Learning by one of your former students, someone I know. She recommended the course, and when I looked into it, it looked affordable, and I was looking for something self-paced that I could manage around other commitments, and there were no deadlines on the assignments!” After enrolling, Namrata found that this style of studying was much more cohesive with her lifestyle and allowed her to finally chase her dream of becoming a counsellor.

“The counselling course was much easier than when I was studying at university, and even better than a lot of courses that are online. I have done a few, not diploma courses, but I have done online courses before.” Namrata speaks measuredly, considering her experience. “They weren’t as good. I like the feedback on the assignments that I send in; it wasn’t like you submit the assignment and it’s in your past, but the tutor would give detailed feedback on every aspect of your assignment, the things you’d done correctly and things you could improve on, as well as further resources to help with the course.” Now that she’d been freed from the harsh deadlines of university assignments, Namrata was able to thrive at her own pace, sharing “Another thing I liked was that the course was self-paced; I could study at my own pace without too much stress, and now I feel like I have all the theoretical knowledge I need to become a counsellor.”

Since finishing her Level 4, Namrata has been on the lookout for her first counselling opportunity. “I just got my membership with the ACCPH today,” she says excitedly, “and I do still feel like I need practical experience before I start practising on my own, but I’m excited to get started.”

Namrata’s story has inspired us over at Association of Learning HQ, and we hope it inspires you too. Sometimes the path most followed isn’t the route best suited to you, and wonderful things can happen when you are allowed to thrive in an environment that suits your learning style. We’re really looking forward to seeing where Namrata’s journey takes her next; we couldn’t be prouder to have her as one of our former students!

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