There are many reasons why you may want to change your career after teaching. Maybe you’re gearing up for retirement, but still want to work? Or maybe you’ve realised teaching in a school isn’t right for you, but you want to explore something similar?No matter your reasons for wanting to change careers, the good news is teaching isn’t your only option. In fact, there are many other paths you can venture down that have strong affiliations with teaching.

Take the following:

  • Change specialism – after years of teaching English, IT, Science, etc. you may find that you want to experiment in another subject. Now, while in Primary you are trained and expected to teach all subjects; in Secondary your focus would have been more specific. For this reason, you may need to acquire specialist training before you can switch subjects – something you can either do via an online course or at university;
  • Private tutoring/Student Learning Support – if you love teaching but you find the prospect of teaching 30+ kids daunting, then you may want to start your own business and become a private tutor. In this situation, you can control your own hours and salary, as well as choose who you wish to teach in a one-to-one setting (either in their own home or at a learning centre);
  • Become a freelancer – there are many blogs and websites out there that focus on education and home learning. Your background as a teacher could prove invaluable, as you’ll easily be able to construct how-to guides, articles and resources for parents to help teach their kids.

Likewise, you can take your knowledge and use it to write your own books or work within the publishing industry.

  • Guidance counsellor – you can offer students the structured guidance and support they need outside of a teaching environment. In turn, your training as a teacher could help them to overcome learning obstacles, as you’ll know what teaching strategies would best suit them;
  • Human Resources Officers – to work in this role you need compassion, logic and strong interpersonal skills, all of which you’ll have learned as a teacher. With this knowledge you can effectively help to recruit new employees and determine if they are the right fit. In addition, your past behaviour management training (with children) can easily be transferred to this role, which is useful as you’ll be expected to handle workplace conflicts, payroll and staff development;
  • Social worker – working with families, disabled people, the elderly and children, you can take your natural inclination to care and look after other, and use it to assist others. For instance, you’ll help to arrange foster care placements, help those overcoming drug and alcohol abuse, and assist refugees and asylum seekers;
  • Museum education – many museums lend materials to schools to help in the teaching of class topics, history and culture. As a former teacher, you’ll be fully away of what teachers need to improve their lessons and can use this knowledge to personalise the resources you send.

Like we said at the beginning, no matter your reasons for leaving the classroom there are still plenty of opportunities you can explore which don’t require further training. However, if you’re interested in improving your employability odds, then why not take a look at our range of online courses?

Designed for home learning, you can easily enrol onto these courses and do them at a time, pace and location of your choosing.
For more information, visit our website today.

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