Popular Online Courses

For most of us, the decision to enrol on an online course is based on a desire to learn more about a specific subject or improve our skillset so we can apply for a certain job. However, for some it is not as clear cut- selecting from the thousands of distance learning courses out there can feel like a daunting task.

Luckily, you’re not alone…

10 of the most popular online courses currently gracing the UK market:

Job interview masterclass

Designed to help you get the job you want, this online course can show you how to shine during an interview.

Professional electrician course

Once qualified, working as an electrician can offer you an amazing salary.

Food hygiene course

Having this course in your arsenal will serve you well if you dream of cooking, baking, or working in a kitchen.

Counselling and psychology

Again, this course can open doors to numerous careers. From working with children, to being a social worker, to providing counsel, to becoming a psychologist, this diploma is a great stepping stone.

Nursing assistant

From care homes to eventually becoming a nurse, this course will give you a solid foundation of knowledge.

Professional plumbing course

Similar to the electrician course, this distance learning class can give you a solid head start in a competitive industry.

Leadership and management

This course is fantastic if you crave a promotion or want to move up the career ladder, as it will equip you with the necessary skills to pursue the role.

Project management

This management course is much more focused than the one above; however, it could prove invaluable when applying for a higher-paid job.

Teaching assistant

It is little wonder that this course makes the top 10 as there is always a demand for teaching assistants.


Even with Covid, this industry is booming, so if you love styling and cutting hair, then an online hairdressing course could be for you.

Now, these courses are just the tip of the iceberg, so if none of them appeal to you, then don’t worry. However, they are a good indication of the range of options available to you.

For more information and guidance on online courses, check out our website today.

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