How to improve your maths skills

Even if maths is not key to fulfilling your job, it is still a skill expected in a lot of roles. In fact, most jobs request that you have a strong GCSE in maths before applying for a role, so it is a qualification you cannot ignore.

Now if maths is not your thing, then don’t worry. Not only do you subconsciously use maths every day to tell the time, balance your account, measure ingredients, analyse situations and handle currency/travel to different countries, it is a skill that you can easily improve upon from the comfort of your own home.

Steps to boosting your maths knowledge:

  • Online courses – there are hundreds, if not thousands of online maths courses which can help you to develop your maths knowledge from GCSE level to beyond. This means you can easily get better at maths and build up your skillset no matter your current ability. What’s more, you can complete these courses in your own time and at your own pace, without having to physically attend college;
  • Studying with friends and families – like we mentioned before, you use maths more often than you think. During games, quizzes and challenges, you are constantly testing yourself. And this can prove useful, especially if you enlist the help of your friends and family, as they can help you to develop your skills and get more confident at maths but within a fun environment;
  • YouTube videos – YouTube doesn’t just offer educational videos to children. You will also find entire channels dedicated to helping adults to enhance their skills, including maths;
  • Maths Apps – you can go a step further than watching video tutorials, and install maths apps onto your phone or tablet. These will allow you to practice maths on the go and brush up your knowledge. Good ones include: Star Dash Studios, Sumaze!, Maths Brain Booster games and BBC Skillwise;
  • Practice – the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ and it is true of maths too. By making a conscious decision to improve your maths, you will find it easier to set aside time to do it and identify your weaknesses;
  • Tutor – if you’re really struggling with maths, you may want to hire a private tutor. They can talk you through the formulas you’re struggling with as well as help you to become more confident in the subject.

And that is the thing. Every time you undertake a new course or practice, you will increase your brain power, confidence and employability.  So if you’re interested in getting better at maths, then why not bear the above points in mind?  By simply enrolling onto an online maths course, you can develop your abilities on your own terms.

To learn more about our range of online maths courses, visit our website.

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