How to improve your literacy skills

We’ve talked recently about the importance of having strong maths skills and how employers expect you to have a minimum of a decent GCSE in maths.  This same rule applies to literacy. Even if your role isn’t dependant on your ability to write impressive emails, letters or reports; you will find that almost all jobs expect you to have strong literacy skills before applying.

So what can you do? How can you improve your writing capabilities?

  • Educate yourself – there are tonnes of online courses and resources available which can help you to sharpen your grammar skills; improve your penmanship, and make you a confident and competent writer. Simply take the time to assess your strengths, weaknesses and the areas you want to improve, and then use these courses to help expand your skill set;
  • College courses – if you learn better in a classroom environment, then registering onto an adult education course can help you to not only become reacquainted with education, but refresh your English skills since leaving school;
  • Reading – there is a reason we ask children to read on a daily basis. Reading introduces us to different writing styles, as well as shows us how to correctly use nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. For this reason, put aside time to read both fiction and non-fiction books, and see what does and doesn’t work. Likewise, you can try reading books that are dedicated to enhancing your writing skills and use them to practice in your spare time;
  • Hire a tutor – if you don’t fancy an online course, but equally don’t want to be trapped in a classroom, then you can consider hiring a private tutor. They can come to your home and help you to work on your weaknesses. Likewise, they can tailor your learning towards your job so you can confidently take these new skills and use them in the workplace;
  • Apps – similar to maths, there are a number of literacy apps which will allow you to practice your writing skills;
  • Practice – if your typing speed is the issue, then we recommend practicing typing out paragraphs. Not only will this subconsciously improve your grammar, but with time you’ll start to type faster as you’ll be able to touch type on your keyboard without having to look down.

Learning doesn’t have to end when you finish school, college or university. At any time in your life you can make the decision to bolster your current academic skills and achieve better grades. So if you are looking to improve your literacy skills, then why not consider enrolling onto an online English course?

For more information about our range of courses, visit our site today.

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