5 Most popular work from home careers in the UK

If we have learnt anything from the last year, is that being able to work from home can save you a lot of heartache. From careers disappearing in the wake of businesses being forced to close, to having to survive on reduced hours/furloughed pay (as you can’t do your job from home), Corona has disrupted the career/financial market on many levels.

Because of this, we have decided to use this week’s article to showcase some of the most popular careers which can currently be done at home.

  1. Freelance writer – the fantastic thing about being a freelance writer is that you can do it anywhere. Front room, café, on holiday, you are not limited by your location. Instead, you will be able to produce articles, web pages, blogs, press releases, email marketing, adverts, magazine articles, newsletters and brochures on behalf of clients, as well as edit/proof their documents.


    – You will need a strong grasp of the English language and must know how to edit/proofread your work.
    – You will need a laptop/PC and a good internet connection.
    – Salaries: this will vary depending on your skillset, experience and eventually your portfolio. On average, you can earn anywhere between £10-30 per hour, or £20-50 per article.
    – We suggest using freelance sites to help you find work to begin with. Here you will be able to bid on work and start building a portfolio.
    – Note: you need to be prepared to do research, so when pricing the job it is vital that you take into account how long you think it will take you to research and then write the article.

  2. Virtual assistant – this role has become incredibly popular during Corona, especially as most businesses have been forced to work with a small skeleton crew in the office and we can see why they are so valuable, as virtual assistants are responsible for a whole host of jobs including: performing admin, constructing letters, drafting emails, proofreading documents, managing diaries, monitoring social media and generally doing business tasks remotely.


    – To perform this role you’ll need strong communication and written skills, as well as in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office software.
    – Salaries can range from £25+ per hour, up to £25-30,000 if you work full-time.

  3. Audio Transcribing – this position is much more specific than working as a virtual assistant, as your job will be to listen to audio/watch videos and type up what has been said.  Now, what you type can vary depending on the subject, however, you can expect to transcribe notes, create video captions or even write the subtitles for business videos (used for marketing or YouTube).


    – You will need a laptop/desktop, headphones and a strong internet connection.
    – You will need a decent understanding/comprehension of the English language plus good grammar skills.
    – The faster and more accurately you can type, the more you’ll earn. You should be able to type 45-60 words per minute.
    – Some places will pay you per project, while others will pay you per minute of video that you transcribe.

  4. Graphic designer – from designing and creating images, graphics and typography, to designing logos, brochures, packaging, website, poster and newsletters… your life as a graphic designer will never be boring.  That being said, you will need training/ a qualification in graphic design in order to do this job.


    – You’ll regularly be working to detailed client briefs and deadlines, so it is important that you are highly organised, and that you include edits in your pricing.
    – You will need to be creative and able to take constructive criticism.
    – You will need to invest in software such as Photoshop (or similar).
    – Once established you can earn up to £30,000 a year; however, this will be dependent on experience, your portfolio and your client base.

  5. Survey Taker – you’ll be surprised by how many businesses are willing to pay you to test a product or give an opinion on their services. As a survey taker you will be paid to share your thoughts and send detailed feedback on branding, product types, food tastes/flavouring, product durability and packaging designs.


    – It is important that you are always honest in your opinions, as the whole purpose of this job is for businesses to find out the truth about what people feel about them and their products/services.
    – You will need a strong internet connection and access to a smartphone, tablet or a laptop/desktop.
    – Most places will pay you per survey so you can easily earn £200+ per month.


Now these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working from home. In truth, there are many other jobs you can try.  That being said, what we love about these particular careers is that you don’t have to enrol at your local college or university in order to do them. Instead, you can complete an assortment of online courses at a time and pace of your choosing and pursue these careers within the immediate future.

So if you’re re-evaluating your career options, then why not take a look at the careers listed above? By adding an online course to your arsenal, you can improve your prospects and give your income a much welcome boost. To find out more visit our website.

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