The answer to this is not an easy one as there are many elements to consider before a figure can be decided. For instance, your salary should be a reflection of your skills, experience and where you live and because of this you will find that not everyone with your job title earns the same amount.

Let’s take a look at the following stats:

  • Average annual salary: £31,500 (in the last 12 years, it has risen by over £12,500).
  • Average salary based on age:- 18-21 year olds: £18,881
    – 22-29 year olds: £29,209
    – 30-39 year olds: £38,317
    – 40-49 year olds: £44,439
    – 50-59 year olds: £41,485
    – 60+: £36,123
  • Average weekly salary based on location.  Most salaries take into account living and travelling costs for that area. As such, you can expect to earn more in London than you would in Northern Ireland, as it costs a lot more to live to London.- London: £716
    – South East: £632
    – Scotland: £595
    – East Midlands: £561
    – North West: £560
    – South West: £558
    – West Midlands: £552
    – Wales: £542
    – Yorkshire and Humber: £540
    – Northern Ireland: £529
    – North East: £524
  • Average salary based on occupation: it should come as no surprise that some careers are destined to earn more than others. But what can you expect to earn?- Bar staff, construction, etc: £16,000 to £27,000
    – Administrative/secretarial: £18,000 to £32,000
    – Managers, senior officials and directors: £24,000 to £97,000
    – Professional: £26,000-£74,000
    – Skilled Trades: £16,000 to £42,000
    – Sales and Customer Service: £17,000 to £29,000

See what we mean? A lot can influence your income. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you do your research, so you always know what you are entitled to.

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