If you’re considering enrolling onto an online course, then one thing you need to remember is that you’ll need to do a lot of reading.

Now, if you aren’t already an avid reader, then the prospect of reading pages upon pages of course material may sound daunting. However, there are numbers perks to reading, as we’ll now explain below:

  1. Happier life – according to recent research, adults who read for at least 30 minutes a week are 20% more likely to say that they are happier/have greater satisfaction in life.
  2. Live for longer – strange, we admit but research again has shown that those who read for 30 minutes a day, live about 2 years longer than those who don’t.
  3. Improve vocabulary – books have the capacity to expose us to new words, including those you don’t usually encounter as well as put them into context.  This could prove incredibly useful in the job world, as an increased vocabulary will enhance your job applications and make you more memorable during interviews.
  4. Less stress – reading has been proven to alleviate stress (by 68%) as it allows your brain to tune out of real life and escape into a calmer world. In fact, reading helps to relax your entire body, lower your heart rate and stop muscle tension.
  5. Improve your memory – reading about characters, their lives, backgrounds, personalities, relationships, etc. can help to keep your mind sharp and improve your retention skills.
  6. Enhance your communication skills – written and spoken reading can assist you with both as it will enable you to see how characters communicate and express their thoughts and feelings to others. This will feed into your own ability, as you’ll be better equipped to see things from different perspectives, as well as recognise the best way to communicate your responses.

As you can see, reading more can benefit you in numerous different ways. So before you dismiss an online course because of the amount of reading you’ll have to do, take a moment to remember how reading can improve your life as a whole.

For more information on our breadth of distance learning courses, take a look at our website.

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