Let’s be honest… Corona is not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, it is set to become a permanent fixture for many years to come. Yet, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dreams/education or say goodbye to opportunities to improve yourself.

In truth, there are numerous ways you can expand your skill set and prepare yourself for a job, whether that be a move up the career ladder, a change in job or you applying for your first post.

How does home learning work?

The goal behind home learning is to give you the flexibility to learn in your own home, at a time and pace of your choosing. It eliminates the need for classrooms and uni/college attendance, and instead gives you the freedom to keep on working and fit it around your current commitments.

Is there more than one type?

There are many ways you can learn from home and get the qualifications you want. The most popular are:

  • Through the post – you’ll encounter some distance learning courses that will send all of their materials through the post. Resources, course guides, assignments…once you enrol, they will send these straight to your door. Now, most paper courses don’t rely solely on the submission of paperwork. You’ll also have the option to submit coursework online through a student intranet/email or by post.  Similarly, you’ll be able to communicate with your advisor and fellow students through online forums, via email and during intermittent sessions where you’ll have to attend a physical class/check-in with your lecturer;
  • Online – unlike the above option, everything about your course will take place online and via email. From receiving your course materials, to communicating and submitting work; you’ll operate entirely online.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be supported, if anything providers of online courses are fantastic at offering their students continuous support – despite never seeing them in a classroom! For instance, many invest heavily in offering their students online portals, a student dashboard, discussion forms, 24/7 customer care and a personal tutor who can be contacted throughout the day.

  • Digital learning – now, you’re probably wondering how this is any different from online courses? And to be honest, it isn’t that different. However, we have included this option to represent the approach many universities and colleges are currently taking in their fight against Corona. You see, the problem many universities face is being able to offer lectures to large numbers of students without them breaking distancing rules. This has resulted in them having to record and upload their lectures to student portals (enabling students to attend virtually), and doing seminars via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

And this use of digital resources is proving to be incredibly effective, not just in universities but in schools where children are having to isolate/learn from home.

As such, we feel this method of learning is set stay and will survive long after a vaccine has been created.

As you can see, there are many ways to boost your qualifications, despite the restrictions Corona is placing on society. So if you fancy learning from home, then with not consider online courses or receiving your materials by post? For more information on distance learning, visit our website.

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