You’d be surprised by how many jobs have got a strong customer service focus. Sure, you have got your traditional ones, such as retail, hospitality, restaurants, public services, etc. However, there are others which may shock you.  Take the following top customer service roles. Whilst it is easy to make the connection with some, there are others which you probably wouldn’t consider to be customer services orientated jobs.

  • Call centre agent – this post allows you to apply your customer services skills virtually, as you’ll be reaching out to new and existing customers, either from the comfort of your own home (remotely) or from a call centre. In either case, you’ll be expected to answer the phone, respond to email enquiries, deal with customer issues, make appointments, and even place orders;
  • Concierge – hotel, restaurant, transportation or any other role that aims to enhance the customer experience; as a concierge you will assist and provide customers with information. This can take the form of booking reservations, suggesting activities and arranging guest transport. You can even perform this role virtually on the phone or online (through their messaging system);
  • Client Relations Associate – this role is usually very hands-on, as you’ll work directly with your assigned clients to make sure that they are happy with the service/products that they receive from your company. In other words, your job is to ensure their satisfaction. To achieve this, you will have to work with team members, other departments and external vendors;
  • Client Services Coordinator – in this post you’ll be responsible for ensuring that all tasks get completed. This can include handling orders, setting up and coordinating services, tracking deliveries and installations, and resolving issues customers may be experiencing;
  • Customer Service Representative – this job covers a lot of roles within the customer service field. From interacting with customers as you help them to process orders, to supplying them with information (about the organisation services and products) to resolving issues; you will find posts like this one (in some form) across a number of organisations;
  • Front Desk Associate/Receptionist – you will need strong interpersonal skills and an ability to handle in-person and on the phone/email communications; as you will essentially be the first person most customers talk to in many company environments i.e. corporate offices, hotels, hospitality, holiday resorts, etc.  As a receptionist, your hours can range from part time work to up to 40 hours a week; whilst in hotels/holiday resorts you may be asked to work evenings, weekends and the holidays;
  • Member Services Specialist – this role focuses on offering members specialist customer care, meaning they can specifically go to you with all of their questions and requests for services. You will also be their source for information when it comes to finding out more about their membership benefits. You’ll find this role most commonly in banks and insurance companies;
  • Patient Care Coordinator – this job is common in doctors’ offices, hospitals, medical centres, rehabilitation centres, healthcare agencies and insurance companies. In this post, you would be expected to schedule bookings/appointments, get pre-approvals from insurance companies, and arrange services/procedures. NOTE: for most of these, you will need to be familiar with medical terminology and have experience within a healthcare setting;
  • Social Media Customer Care Assistant – as you can guess from the name, this job involves handling Twitter and Facebooks posts that have been put up by unhappy customers. By first searching for posts across the organisations social media accounts; your job is to then respond, resolve the issues or escalate the problem to your manager (if necessary);
  • Technical Support Representative – alongside having strong customer service skills, you will have to have solid technical knowledge in software, applications and hardware. With this knowledge, you can then help customers to troubleshoot and solve problems.

See what we mean? There are many hidden career gems that can harness your years of working in retail, hospitality and the public sector.

So if you fancy taking your customer service skills to the next level, why not consider applying for any of the above jobs?
For more information on how to enhance your customer service skills further, contact us today.

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