The Top 5 Most In-Demand Professions of 2018

Demands change and whilst one year a profession may be in-demand, the next it may not. That is why, before you make any career changes – or even decide to further your career – it is important to know if the job you want is in-demand with employers.

Below is a list of five professions that are predicted to be in-demand over the coming year:

  1. Software Engineer – it is little wonder that this role makes the top five given our demands for digital technology and their applications within businesses. In fact, alongside this role, social media guru is considered one of the most exciting new career roles in the UK as well as being a blogger.And this role is ideal if you have got a passion for computers – and all things related to it – as demand for skills in this field is set to grow. Take the recent GDPR changes. This has caused a lot of headaches for businesses and organisations, creating a growing demand for qualified computer software engineers to help them stay on track.

    Tip: if you are interested in working with computers, we recommend bolstering your skills in computers, media (online), engineering and marketing.

  2. Fitness Trainer – with the growing obesity crisis, more and more of us are becoming aware of the importance of taking care of our bodies and getting fit. As a result, personal fitness trainers are being sort out by people of all ages, backgrounds and financial positions. From working in gyms/spas and running bespoke sessions, to working one-to-one with clients at home, to setting up fitness boot camps; the demand for fitness support is growing and with it, it is bringing a whole host of new job opportunities. In fact, demand is so strong that many fitness instructors are deciding to launch their own businesses; are setting up online fitness blogs and are even creating pre-made healthy lunches to sell to clients.
  3. Financial and/or Debt Advisor – whilst the worst is over many individuals, businesses and government departments are still feeling the financial squeeze. Given the financial situation, it is unsurprising that the support of financial/debt advisors is now in greater demand. With their support, people can learn how to manage their debt and stretch their money further.
  4. Occupational Therapist – this one is more of a surprise than most; however, given our attitudes to health and work, the need for more people in this profession is necessary. Think about it – despite us living for longer, obesity is at its highest level ever. Similarly, there is an increasing pattern amongst individuals of unhealthy habits (binge drinking and takeaways). Combine these facts together and what you have got is an aging population with whom many have got health problems or require medical assistance.As such, a broader approach needs to be adopted to help relieve the pressure from off of the NHS. This is where Occupational Therapists come in useful as whilst they are limited to the workplace, they can still encourage a larger portion of the population to stay healthier and become more active.
  5. Nurses – not only is there a shortage of nurses in the UK – only 1 in 400 nursing vacancies are filled – but the NHS is constantly growing and developing. In fact, across the healthcare sector as a whole, there is a growing need for more professionals. So if you don’t fancy working on a ward, there are plenty of other options for you to choose from, as well as numerous opportunities for you to expand your skill set.By simply adding education, accountancy or psychology to your nursing qualifications, you can open a number of new career doors.

Naturally, these five professions aren’t the only ones in-demand. Beauticians and nail technicians are similarly witnessing a rise in popularity.

What is certain though is that before you make any career changes, it is first important to determine if there is a demand within your chosen field, before taking steps to improve your chances. Learn this and you can make the transition smoother and less stressful.

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