While the job market should never be treated as a popularity contest, there is no harm in being curious about what is out there. After all, this curiosity may turn into a stepping stone whereupon you decide to pursue an entirely different field.

Bearing that in mind, this week we have compiled a list of jobs that are predicted to be the most popular jobs of 2021.

Let’s take a look:

  • Physician’s assistant – in this role you will work under doctors to help them to care for sick and injured patients, as well as interpret tests and perform exams;
  • Software developer – this role is still going strong as it encourages you to create and write code for websites, apps, etc;
  • Physician – essential to preventative care, physicians treat and diagnose a range of illnesses;
  • Statistician – if you love maths and data, then you may like working as a statistician. Here you will be asked to use data to make decisions;
  • Speech language therapist – within this role you would be expected to diagnose and treat a variety of speech and language difficulties;
  • Dentist – if the idea of staring into mouths all day long doesn’t scare you off, then you may want to work as a dentist;
  • Vet – from performing surgeries to setting bones to treating illnesses, you will work with animals from all walks of life including pets, farms, zoos, etc;
  • IT Manager – with the world becoming even more IT dependent, this job is growing in popularity and is a necessary position for most businesses;
  • Physical Therapist – here, you will get to work with a range of injuries as well as assist athletes from a variety of sporting levels;
  • Anaesthesiologist – from monitoring patients’ vital signs to managing pain through drugs, you can help patients recover from surgery and chronic illness.

Now, these are only a handful of popular jobs that are currently gracing the market at the moment. Broaden your search, and you will discover that there are tonnes of other great ideas that you can explore, especially if you are still undecided about what job you want.

To get started on your journey to your new career, why not take a look at our blog and collection of online courses? Physician, dentist, IT manager or software developer… the future is yours.

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