Most fun/unusual dream jobs of 2019

When you ask kids what they want to be when they are older, sure you get the typical ones of being a doctor, vet, teacher, etc, however, you might also get some unusual suggestions i.e. looking after just penguins or giraffes. Similarly, as adults, whilst we often quote and apply for these ‘expected’ jobs; it is not unheard of for us to joke about being a professional cuddler or tea taster. But what if these unusual dream jobs didn’t have to be just a dream? What if you could actually earn a leaving from doing them?

Well, the good news is – you now can! There are currently tonnes of distance learning courses that can train you on how to be a professional cuddler, a penguinologist and much, much more.

Come take a look:

  • Professional cuddler – you might laugh, but this is a genuine job that is designed to give lonely people the much needed company and human contact that they crave. Through a simple hug, you can help someone to feel better and feel less alone, which to us is rather noble;
  • Penguinologist – you might argue ‘how is this any different from being a zoologist?’ And to be honest, it isn’t. It just sounds a lot cooler to say penguinologist than zoologist;
  • Bed warmer – this one is probably everybody’s dream role – especially first thing in the morning. However, these are some hotels who hire human electric blankets to enhance consumer comfort. The idea behind the job, is that they warm up guests’ beds – before they arrive – to help them sleep better and in principle it works, as cold sheets are known to lower your body temperature and cause you to wake up. So if you fancy warming up the beds of others, then this may be the job for you;
  • Tea taster – this job comes with a surprisingly decent starting salary – probably due to you having to travel around the world to try out new teas and blends. In fact, there are a number of ‘tasting’ roles you can apply for – chocolate, dessert, wine, beers, etc;
  • Waterslide tester – this job is real, promise. Sure, there might not be many positions available; however, someone was genuinely asked to travel around the world, testing out waterslides. In other words, they were paid to go on holiday and act like a kid, but with none of the hassle of having to queue;
  • Fortune cookie writer – similar to those famous messages you see in Hallmark cards, in this role you’d be ask to write fortune cookie messages. NOTE: this is the kind of job you could potentially find working as a freelance writer, which is something to consider too;
  • Professional sleeper – imagine getting paid to take a nap, it would be incredible right? Well, this job does exist. Professional sleepers are essentially researchers whose job is to discover how sleep affects our brains and the rest of our body’s;
  • Mystery shopper – you’ve probably heard of this one before, but it is still a relative myth. With this job you’d be expected to go shopping in various hotel chains (and even sleep there) or go into regular shops and test out their customer service skills;
  • Netflix Tagger – surprisingly, this is an important job. True, it involves spending hours watching TV and getting paid for it. However, taggers are essential to the personal experience, as they make it easier for you to discover which films/shows are worth watching (as they have already tested them out for you). Plus, they will also tag them with the correct genre and type, helping to reduce your search time;
  • Nanny to a panda – yep, you read it write. You could get paid to work alongside panda’s offering them comfort, care, cuddles and someone to play with;
  • Food stylist – we don’t know about you, but it is rare that we ever able to create a dish that looks exactly like the one in the recipe. This is because there are people who are paid to professionally style food so it looks perfect in photos, from making the ingredients look aesthetically pleasing, to arranging how the final dish is positioned, they manage the complete design and layout of the photo;
  • Island Caretaker – this job not only pays well (six figure sums); it also enables you to live holiday life all year round. As an island caretaker you would be expected to test out all of the fun activities that the island has got to offer – in other words behave like a tourist – and then send in photos and blog posts for tourist companies to use in their promotional materials.

These are just a handful of the many fun jobs that exist out there. So if you don’t fancy applying for a ‘normal’ job, then why not consider training to be any of the above?

Take a look at our online courses today.

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