With Covid-19 looking like it is set to stay for a while to come, you may be re-evaluating your job situation and considering working from home.

Yet, what are your options? What careers can you explore that will earn you money but can easily be done from the comfort of your own home?

Below are some of the top work from home jobs currently populating the market:

  • Affiliate marketer – if you’re unfamiliar with this title; all affiliate marketing involves is using referral marketing to earn you a commission. So if for instance, you were to refer to a product on your website using an affiliate link; when users click on it and buy the product, you will earn a percentage of the sale from the manufacturer. And this career can be pretty lucrative if you put your mind to it and create regular content;
  • Animator/artist/photographer – if you’re creative and artistic, then you may want to try your hand at creating animation for television or supplying paintings/photographs to clients;
  • Baker/chef/caterer – baking and supplying desserts/birthday cakes is really trending at the moment – especially with Corona making customers reluctant to visit shops or sit in cafes. And you’re options are endless – from selling to friends and family, to getting a stall at your local market, to launching a selling page online (via a website/Facebook), you have got a lot of scope to build a large client base.  However, if you are genuinely considering this as a career, it is important that you complete an online food hygiene course first and that your kitchen is up to standard;
  • Blogger – blogging is a cheap and easy thing to set up as all you need is a WordPress site to begin posting content and you can post about almost anything – music, food, fashion, etc.  The great thing though, is that if you get a big enough following, you’ll soon have businesses wanting to use your blog to drive traffic to their site. Traffic which they will pay you for;
  • Bookkeeper – being a bookkeeper may be a little tamer than the other jobs on this list, however, there is plenty of work to get started. All you need to do first is complete an online bookkeeping course and you can then start promoting your service offering and making money;
  • Data entry – similar to the post above, do a few online courses and you can soon start assisting businesses by handling all of their data entry needs;
  • Copywriting – articles, landing pages, press releases, blog posts, entire websites… there is so much you can do for businesses who need copy for their websites. And this is perfect if you’ve got a natural passion for writing as you’ll be able to write for a diversity of businesses in a variety of styles.

The truth is – there are numerous jobs you can explore which you can easily do from the comfort of your own home. So if you’re looking for a change in career or have found that Corona has reduced your income options, then why not consider working from home?

For more information on how to launch your own business, visit our website.

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