Whether you want to uncover the hidden world of wedding planning to help plan your own wedding, or you’re simply a natural born organiser; there is no denying that becoming a wedding planner can open doors to a very lucrative career.

Think about it…

How much easier would your big day be if you were able to get someone to handle all the little details? Wedding flowers, wedding cake, venue, caterers, table arrangements… wedding planners can take your wedding dreams; make them a reality and help you to stay on budget.

What do you need to become a wedding planner?

Possessing certain character traits will not only help you to get ahead, but will ensure that you are happy in this profession.

So you need to ask yourself:

  1. Are you calm? Weddings are highly emotional affairs, meaning the run up can be incredibly stressful for the bride, groom and their families. To succeed in this field, you need to be able to remain calm, think on your feet and be ready with a plan B, C or even D.
  2. Are you charming? When faced with conflict and tension, have you got the ability to clearly communicate during situations that have the potential to be emotional or fraught?
  3. Can you negotiate? One of your primary jobs will be negotiating on behalf of the bride and groom. This can occur when ordering their flowers, or when hiring a band, photographer and caterer. In all situations, your job will be to get them the best price, on the best date, etc.
  4. Can you budget? You need to be good with money in this industry, so you can offer couples what they want without over-spending. This means you need to monitor their budget like a hawk; keep them informed of any expenses, and ensure they know where their money is being spent etc.
  5. Are you super-organised? You need to be organised as you are basically responsible for the running of the entire day. You need to make sure the cake and flowers arrive on time; that the food is perfect, and that everything you’ve hired is in the right place at the right time.
  6. Are you knowledgeable? True, your knowledge will grow as you become more experienced and attain more contacts, but it doesn’t hurt to build up your knowledge whilst you’re studying.

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then becoming a wedding planner could be the career path for you!

Luckily, there are tonnes of online wedding planner courses to choose from that you can easily fit around your current work commitments. Designed for home study, you can learn at your own pace and begin acquiring the credentials to start moulding your future career.

For more information click here.

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