Alternative work from home careers

Last week we talked about the most popular work from home careers currently on the market. But what about your other options? Surely, there is more to working from home than these 5 careers?

The good news is, yes there are! So should you find that the top five don’t meet your desired goals or criteria, then you may find any of the following jobs more appealing:

  1. Tech Support – this role has easily transitioned to being a work from home position. All you need to do to get started is own a PC and have the right set of software and hardware, and you can then begin providing tech support to businesses across the UK (as well as to customers seeking help with a product). In addition to determining issues and providing solutions, you will also need strong communication skills as you’ll be expected to talk to customers via phone, email or on live chat.

    Extra info:

    – Salaries range from £9-15 per hour; however, the more knowledgeable you are about software/hardware/IT trends, the more you can charge.

  2. Online Customer Service – similar to the post above, your job will be to provide advice and guidance on leading products or brands. This role can be performed via phone, email or live chat, and you’ll be expected to keep a record of your customer interactions.

    Extra info:

    – You will need a PC/laptop, a corded phone, headset, a phone line and decent Wi-Fi.
    – You will need to be flexible with your working hours, as you’ll likely be asked to work weekends or unusual shifts.
    – Hourly rates start at £9 per hour.
    – You will be trained before you start and will be given a script to handle popular questions.

  3. Blogger – most businesses own a blog, so if you are passionate about writing then you could start working as a blogger and supply content to their websites. Compared to their business site, blogs are more personal and are a great opportunity for businesses to connect with customers; subtly supply advice and become an authority figure in the field.  Alongside writing and editing blogs, you may also be asked to manage their social media channels; perform SEO and develop graphics.

    Extra info:

    – If you are operating your blog as an affiliate website, then you need to be prepared for a wait as you won’t get an immediate pay out. For that reason, aim to work on behalf of a business as you’ll then be able to charge per blog or by the hour.
    – You will need to be knowledgeable on the niche, and know how to proofread, edit and modify your writing style.
    – Your earnings will depend on your experience and how much time you invest in your writing. Some bloggers for instance, earn £100,000 a year (full time).

  4. Ironing Service – given how many people hate ironing, offering an ironing service could make you incredibly popular. The key to making money is making sure that you use the best tools and resources, as this will ensure that you produce the best results.  Now, if you don’t fancy working for yourself, there are companies who will hire you to do this job on their behalf but from home.

    Extra info:

    – The way you charge for your services can vary. Some ironers choose to charge by the hour, while others charge by bag/weight of the bag.
    – Like we said before, you will need a decent iron and ironing board to get started. However, we strongly recommend that you also get professional indemnity insurance in case you burn something.

  5. Travel Agent – in this post you will work on behalf of a host agency and will be expected to find holiday deals for customers looking to get away. Just remember that to succeed, you will need to be knowledgeable about different countries and be able to answer questions about various holiday destinations on the spot.

    Extra info:

    – You will need a strong internet connection, phone line, website, printer and preferable a qualification in tourism (for more information on our online tourism courses, visit our website).
    – You will earn a commission on each holiday you sell, so your earnings won’t be restricted.

As you can see, working from home doesn’t have to comprise of packaging products or filling in surveys.  In truth, you can explore a diversity of careers that are certain to keep you motivated, fulfilled and happy. So if you’re interested in working from home, then why not take a look at our range of online courses, and see how they can help you to get started?

For more information, visit our website.

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